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I wrote the first part of Splinterlands Game Play - Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners yesterday to help those that want to start playing the fun game, already playing the game at the beginning level or finding it hard to move up the ranks. So if you’re see this post first I suggest you read the first post with link above to help you get a comprehensive view of the topic.

Tips And Tricks For Beginners

I listed four tips and tricks for beginners in the first par, in this post I will continue to give you guys some 411 on the topic and I hope it helps you out.

Tips and Tricks 1 – Rules of Combat / Mana Cap / Playable Splinter

Tips and Tricks 2 – Spy on the enemy

Tips and Tricks 3 – Monster with self heal are important as tank

Tips and Tricks 4 – Include a tank heal monster in your line of battle

Tips and Tricks 5 – Level up you Summoners and Monsters

If you notice from the points I mentioned yesterday as regards using self healing tanks and including tank healing monsters in your lineup of monsters you will notice that the self heal or tank heal of some of the monsters only become effective when the monsters have been leveled up.

The first monsters you should consider leveling up are the Summoners because if your monsters are leveled up and the summoner that calls the monster is not leveled up, the monster will not function in the capacity you have leveled it up to.

a typical rare summoner.jpg

A typical rare summoner

Above is a fire rare summoner which is similar for other rare splinter summoners. You will notice that the high you level up your summoner the higher your monsters are also able to be leveled up and be effective when in battle.

Having your summoners and monsters at level 1 is what is expected of you at the Novice league, once you have entered the Bronze league you are expected to start leveling up you summoners and monsters to level 2 and as you move to the silver league you need to level them you to level 3 and 4, you continue in that pertain as you go higher. I am not just saying this because I want to say it, the game is a standard fair game and the rules are specified so that everyone is aware and use them to their advantage. You can see all the summoner and monster levels as listed by splinterlands in the images below:

novice league.jpg
Novice league

bronze league.jpg
Bronze league

Silver league.jpg
Silver league

gold league.jpg
Gold league

diamond league.jpg
Diamond league

diamond league.jpg
Championship league

Some players have the skills and strategy to use level 2 summoners and monsters to reach the Gold III or Gold II league, but don’t complain when your opponents are using higher level summoners and monsters to wreck havoc on you in battle. They are not cheating, they are playing according to the rules of the game, it is in fact that is not upgrading and playing with the level of monsters you should be playing with.

Tips and Tricks 6 – Rent Summoners and Monsters

I know a lot of people reading this will start giving the excuse that they don’t have the money to buy and level up their summoners and monsters but I’ll like to use myself as an example. You see guys, I only personally own one summoner that is at level 3 and that is the dragon summoner Delwyn Dragonscale which is one of the cheapest summoners, I also own 2 other summoners that are at level 2 while the rest are all on level 1.

So how am I playing at the diamond league level where most if not all the summoners and monsters are all at the max levels? The answer is very simple I rent summoners and monsters that meet the battle levels for which I am currently at. I currently so all my renting at https://peakmonsters.com and the great thing about the website is that if you have summoners or monsters you are currently not doing battle with you can also rent it out to other players that need them and that way you make some money from it.

buying summoners.jpg
Buying a leveled up summoner

As you can see from the above image, it will cost us $102 to buy a level 8 Malric Inferno (fire summoner), $61 to buy the level 7 and about $37 to buy the level 6. Going by these figures we will need a whole lot bucks to level up all our summoners and monsters to play at a higher level.

renting summoners.jpg
Renting a leveled up summoner

Now this is comforting, as we see from the image above, we can rent a level 8 Malric Inferno (fire summoner) at the rate of $0.053 daily, this will cost you $1.59 if you rent it for 30 days. If we consider the escrow figure or $0.5 which is shared at the end of you rent then it will bring your total cost in 30 days rental to $1.750 as can be seen in the image below.

cost of renting summoners.jpg
Total cost of your 30 days rent

So guys, it isn’t right to say only the super rich can play at the top level, you will be making me to blush if you say that. Lol. Anyone can really get to the top as the game is a level playing field for all.

Tips and Tricks 7 – Focus on 1 or 2 targets

You goal in the battle field is to eliminate all your enemy monsters before they eliminate yours. What helps most is if your selected monsters are targeting one or two monsters at a time instead of targeting all at the same time and at the end of the day you are not able to eliminate even one monster before they get you.

That is why it is extremely important you remember Tips and Tricks 2 – Spy on the enemy at the beginning so that you can have an idea what splinter your opponent likes using, which monsters they like using and even how they arrange them. For instance, if your opponent is fond of placing a self heal monster or a monster with the thorn ability as the last monster in the line of battle. It means you sneak attack monsters that are especially melee in nature might be eliminated in the second or third round because of the thorn effect or might still be unable to eliminate the last monster even after the fourth round.

If four or five of your monsters are targeting the tank of your opponent, it will be easier to knock it out. If you’re also targeting the weaker monsters it will also help reduce the hit your tank or other monsters are receiving. But when all your monsters are hitting different monsters of your opponent, it will be difficult to take out your opponent. Having a sneak view of what your opponent fights with can help you choose which monsters to target first.

I just played a game and won the battle just to highlight the need to target just one or two monsters. Very sorry I am describing the beginners tips and tricks and using a diamond league battle to illustrate, but I think the idea is what I am trying to bring out for now as I don’t currently have a smaller account to demonstrate it.

targeting 1 or 2 monsters.jpg
Sample targeting 1 or 2 monsters


targeting 1 or 2 monsters - game over.jpg

In the battle with image above which you can watched in the link above, you will observe that the tank of my opponent was knocked out in the first round and by round 2 the game was won. Remember I mentioned when I was talking about self heal for the tank and a tank heal to be part of your monsters but I also hinted that this may work well in lower leagues but may not work that well in higher leagues, you can see that my opponent had a tank heal but the monster was rendered in-effective because of the swiftness in my attacks.

It doesn’t necessarily mean the tank should always be the target, sometime we have tanks that are dormant but resilient or have a large health, or thorn an example of such monsters are Lord Arianthus, Gelatinous Cube or Peaceful Giant, as they are leveled up they gain a lot of health which can make knocking then out be a lot harder to do, you might want to consider knocking out other monsters before focusing on it.

Wow! This is another long one I hadn’t expected. Hopefully, I’ll find time to drop in more tips and trick. I’ll be taking about types of attack tomorrow so be ready for me as I hope to see you guys in the battle field.

If you haven’t joined the splinterlands games you can use my referral link https://steemmonsters.com?ref=ketcom to join and I’ll give you all the support I can offer including one or more free cards. There are referral rewards offered by splinterlands when a new member joins using your referral link, so can check that out as well.

Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.


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