Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 94 Report

Day 94 Diamond I League reached.jpg
Diamond I league reached

Wow! What a sweet day. I must say I was “Jack The Giant Killer” today. Lol. I just got to the Diamond I league yesterday and thought I was going to chill for another two or three days before advancing to the next league but God just worked His wonders on my brain and I was able to off load the master selection and best strategies for each battle to complete my daily quest and also advance to the next league without any defeat or stress.

Daily Quest Battle - Day 94.jpg

I got the Dragon splinter for my daily quest, though I felt I prefer the other splinters like Fire, Life or Death, I decided to go ahead with it and only use it if the Mana for the battles were from 20 and above. I always have this feeling that the Dragon summoner mana size which is 4 and 5 for the ones I’ve got were like having a two mana disadvantage. Lol.

It is the same thing I feel about using Legendary summoners that cost 5 mana in a battles that has mana size of 15 or less, no matter the advantages, one more monster with 2 mana can be all the difference in the battle field. Of cause, that is just my two cents thought, my own opinion. Everybody has their own strategy and as long as it is working for them, who cares? Lol.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 94.jpg
Rewards day 94

Today is 4th February and I thought the loot box type reward system was what I was going to get but apparently in the side of the world were the timer is set it ain’t 4th yet. Lol. I got my usual reward cards as my reward for completing the daily quest.

I got three Epic cards, four Rare cards and a bunch of Common cards and must add that this was far better than what I got yesterday. I ask again as I asked yesterday, what will tomorrow bring? I don’t know but I guess we just have to complete our daily quest again tomorrow and see how this loot box stuff pans out.

You can watch one of my best battles today by using the link below, thanks:

Battle of the day 94.jpg

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Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.

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