Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 89 Report

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It was another tough day for me at the battle field as it seems every opponent is trying to make a final push for the next league and I don’t blame them because we have just a day and about two hours before this current season ends. Getting as high as you can’t can get doesn’t only means you get more reward cards (although that will be changing a bit next season) it also ensures that you start a a higher level and for me that is very important as I don’t get the feeling I am starting from scratch every time.

I got the special type of daily quest today and that is the “Win 3 battles with any splinter without using neutral monsters”. I honestly must say it ain’t easy at the top of the league doing that because every opponent you meet is taking everything to their advantage and any slight room you give them to penetrate is used massively well. So my strategy was only to do without the neutral monsters in battle if I don’t absolutely need them or if they have an alternative that can do the job.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 89.jpg
Rewards day 89

I got a double Epic card, one Rare card and other Common cards. I wonder where the Gold and Legendary cards went to. Lol. I do hope they return when the end of season reward cards are distributed, I wouldn’t want a load of common cards that comes in 6s and 7s. Lol.

You can watch one of my exciting battle today by using the link below, thanks:

Battle of the day 89.jpg

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This quest of no neutrals is very hard for me! I always use neutral cards! lol! I love them!

30.01.2020 15:44

I tell you my dear it can really be a daunting task. Thanks for the thumbs up.

30.01.2020 18:26

30.01.2020 15:46

Thank you @steemmonsters, you are appreciated.

30.01.2020 18:27