Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 40 Report

Day 40 Gold 1 League Reached.jpg

Battle For Gold I League

Battle for Gold I -Day 40.jpg

I woke up today feeling I needed to move to the next level as today was my third day at the Gold II league. I kept getting close but each time it seems I am almost there, I keep getting beaten black and blue in the battle field and that drags me back to the start of the Gold II league. At some point I even got down to the Gold III league. But I didn’t allow all that defeats to way me down, I fought back until I got a final four winning streak to land in the Gold I league. Wooo Hoooo! 30 cards guaranteed, onto the next one. Lol.

Daily Quest battles

My daily quest today was supposed to be easy, “Win 3 battles without using neutral monsters”. But after 4 straight defeats I knew I had a real big problem completing it. Lol. For some reasons all my strategies where not just clicking, it was either I had the bad luck having the earth quake assisting in knocking me out or my opponent in battle was a step ahead of me when it come to leveling stuff.

Day 40 Daily Quest Battle - won 3 of 9.jpg

Won 3 of the 9 Quest battles

I was that bad as you can see, just 3 wins in 9 battles and that my friend should be the worst performance I have ever put up. Lol. Anyways, the good news is I finally completed the quest and got my reward cards for doing it. The bad news though is that I dropped back to the Gold II league. I tried to push back up after completing my daily quest but it seems this evening isn’t the right timing for me to do battle so I let it be. As they say, “ he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day”.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 40.jpg

Rewards day 40

I got another Gold card again, that is 3 straight Gold in three rewards received. I just pray they can be the big ones, like the double or triple digit figure cards. Lol. I pray this comes as a Christmas present that comes in early. Lol. I also had an Epic card, two rare cards and other common cards. Getting more of these cards is helping me build my deck and making my monsters even more powerful than the are. So all cards are very valuable as they all unit and fight as a team to help you win you battles.

You can watch my last battle today in the link below as I hope to see you in battle soon, thanks.

Battle of the day 40.jpg

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