Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 32 Report

Day 32 Daily Quest Battle.jpg

Daily Quest battles

This thing is beginning to feel like a ping pong ball thingy, I do loads of battle and it looks like I am almost all clear to hit the next league but then comes the haters. Lol. They kick my ass down the ladder as if I don’t worth coming close to the Diamond league. And what’s up with giving me 10, 17, 9 points and so on when I when and deducting 20 and above points when I lose? Lol. This makes my decent so rapid that with just 7 straight loses I find myself back down to the Gold II league. Lol. Yeah! Seven straight loses! Guys are that bad in hammering me in my downward trend. Lol.

Day 32 Daily Quest Battle - won 6 of 13.jpg

Won 6 of the 13 Quest battles

I got the Life Splinter today, and it is one weak splinter for me so I took the risk of changing it. I was glad to get the Fire Splinter but started to wonder if something was wrong because I lost my first two battles. When I finally got a win at the third go, I now knew that there was hope. Lol.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 32.jpg

Rewards day 32

One very important lesson I am learning for the second time now is “always check if you potions are still remaining before opening up your quest reward cards”. I started playing this game over a month ago, I’ve made the mistake before and couldn’t believe it will happen again but it did today out of my own negligence. Anyways, I still got some decent cards today so I can’t complain that much. I got two Epic cards, 2 Rare cards and other cards that are quite useful for leveling up my monsters.

You can watch my last battle today in the link below as I hope to see you in battle soon, thanks.

Battle of the day 32.jpg

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I have the same thing making headway then bam smacked back down big time do you change the quest battle? And what does having those options remaining mean before opening a new card? Thanks for any help I have lot's to learn.

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27.11.2019 20:49

Of course i will explain to the best of my knowledge @j85063.

You can change your daily quest by clicking the New Quest option as seen in the image below. Please note, you can only do that once and if you have already won any daily quest battle, changing it will cancel your quest and you have to start all over again i.e. completing new 5 daily quest.

how to change your daily quest.jpg

I think you mean Potions and not Options. There are different potions at the shop section which are meant to help you get better reward. The Quest potion (the max.) adds 5 cards to what you claim, for instance, if I have the max quest potion when I complete my daily quest, at gold I league i am supposed to get 8 cards but because I have bought the Quest potion i'll get 13 cards, that's 5 extra. We have other quest potion that will give you 3 and 1 extra card(s). But this will be changing after the update on 30th November.

We have other potions that will improve your chances of getting a Gold or Legendary card.

We also have the mystery potion that gives you a gift daily.


I do hope the explanation helps.

27.11.2019 21:34

Thanks that helps I have been smashed down to Bronze 11.

27.11.2019 23:22

We still have 2+ days to the end of the season so you have the opportunity to fight back up. Cheers.

28.11.2019 06:05

By the way, I haven't bumped into you in battle, lol. What league are you currently at? I keep bumping into @definethedollar and mahn he is mean. Lol.

27.11.2019 21:43