Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 14 Report

Day 14 Daily Quest Battle.jpg

Daily Quest battles

It was a long draw out and had fought battles today, the Gold League is not for players I must say, you’re half way between the big guys (Diamond and Champion leagues) and the other leagues (Bronze and Silver leagues), most people in the Gold league wants to enter the top leagues and the battles must be won by all means available. All resources are put in place to beat your opponents in battles strategically and come out tops. It isn’t always easy as the rulers keeps changing and you must complete your selections, placements and strategy within 2 minutes so that that you are not ruled out. It’s not about having all the Monsters and Summoners leveled up, it is about knowing which Summoners and Monsters to use based on the rulers provided.

I was a long drawn battle like I mention but it was enjoyable and trilling because I was knocked back down to the Gold III league and I fought my way back to the Gold II league and even got half way to the Gold I league, save for the fact that my capture Rate was running low I would have continues battling because I felt in high spirit but as they say, it is good to know when to walk away after a victory, so after the last Quest battle was won, I walked away. Lol.

Day 14 Daily Quest Battle - won 11 of 22.jpg

Won 11 of the 22 battles

I got the Water Splinter but my summoner is at level 2 there so I changed it and got the Earth Splinter. I fought 22 battles to complete my quest and won 11 of the battle. It took 99 minutes to complete the Quest and that was because I have learnt to be switching the Splinter based on the strength of the Splinter according to the rulers given as this is helping to reduce all thos 5 defeats in a row situations. Lol

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 14.jpg

Rewards day 14

I didn’t get the great cards again, just 4 rare cards and common cards but they are still worth a lot as it is like free money for completing my daily quest. I can choice to sell, lease or keep them, I can even use the to level up and be more mean in delivering blows in battles. Lol.

You can watch my last Quest battle today by clicking the link below, I think it was awesome.

Battle of the day 14.jpg

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Great effort!
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Good luck!

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