Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 12 And 13 Report

Day 13 Daily Quest Battle.jpg

Daily Quest battles

I was so wacked out from my time in traffic coming home from work and spanked so many times when trying to complete my daily Quest yesterday that I didn’t even have the strength to post the daily reward post after sending my actifit report. The worst part of the day aside the traffic was that I landed back to the Silver I league! These Gold guys show no mercy at all people..Lol

I must however say that today was a total change from what I faced yesterday, first off, I had to fight my way back to the Gold III League before the daily quest comes up later in the day. I even tried to hit the Gold II League a few time but it wasn’t just working. At some point I was beginning to think I was going to end this season at Gold III, because nothing was just working to get me to the next level. I’ll approach the Gold II League but the next battle I hold will help me get there becomes a lost battle and then another lost battle and another and before you know it I am battling not to go back to the Silver League. Lol.

Day 13 Daily Quest Battle - won 10 of 14.jpg

Won 10 of the 14 battles

I got the Fire Splinter as my daily quest today and it is turning out to be one of my best Splinter. I fought 14 battles to complete my quest and won 10 of the battle. They were fairly easy battles though, not as gruesome as what I had yesterday. The sweet part of the battle was that my last win to complete my daily quest landed me in the Gold II League. Booo Yaaa! Lol. I was beginning to think I was Moses in the Bible that will see the promise land but wouldn’t enter it. Lol.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 12.jpg

Rewards day 12

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 13.jpg

Rewards day 13

I didn’t get great cards yesterday and today, just rare and common cards but the still are something good as they are helping me level up my Monsters instead of spending money buying them. I wonder if the powers that be send Summoners in as reward cards. Lol.

You can watch my last Quest battle today by clicking the link below, I think it was awesome and the game is loads of fun especially when you are winning. Lol..

Battle of the day 13.jpg

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I broke into Gold II today as well. 😀. We might face eachother soon...




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