Investment In Splinterlands Quest And Legendary Potion – Day 4 And 5 Reports

Day 5 Daily Quest Battle.jpg

Daily Quest battles

I was adjusted down to the Silver II League as the new season begins today for me and the Fire Splinter was my Daily Quest, this time around I completed it without too much drama and it was fun too. It is fun when you don’t get beaten black and blue in the Splinterlands battles. Lol.

Day 5 Daily Quest Battle - won 6 of 11.jpg
Won 6 of the 11 battles

I won 6 out of the 11 battles I fought to complete my daily Quest. It is great to complete the Quest as you get to earn cards for completing it. But I didn’t move much in points because of the 5 defeats. Anyhow we are moving forward as I suspect those die hard Gold fellows that were adjusted the same way I was adjusted down are the guys I am still battling with. They must be in a hurry to get back to the Gold League. Lol.

Day 4 Daily cards opening.jpg
Rewards day 4

Gold 1 season claim - cards.jpg
Gold I season claim

I didn’t claim my Quest rewards yesterday because I ran out of the Quest Potion and I was kinda too tired to do some trades and conversions to by more. I however bought it today and claimed my yesterday Quest rewards and end of season card giveaway for reaching the Gold I League. I noticed I have been getting a lot of the Sea Genie, Sea Monster,Wood Nymph, Silvershield Archers and the other Archer guy called the Highland Archer. Vampire is also a regular and what’s up with the Rusty Android thingy, I keep getting it but don’t know where to use it, I also noticed I hardly have encountered anyone using it against me. Anyways, the name says it all Rusty. Lol.

Day 5 Daily cards.jpg
Rewards day 5

Now I see the potion doing its thing because today I got an IMP BOWMAN level 3 gold card amongst other cards. That is more like it. That really made my day because I had been feeling all the 42 cards I got from completing the quest yesterday and the end of the season card giveaways were not worth really much. But days 5 Quest rewards claims was the sugar that sweetens the tea. Lol.

Level 3 Imp Bowman price- Day 5.jpg
Current value of my Imp Bowman level 3 gold card

I was searching to see the value of the card in the market place and when I crossed the $1 cards and headed to the $2 cards I thought to myself that this must be a good card. When I crossed the $5 mark I was asking myself if I had mistakenly passed it without knowing. When I got to the $10 range cards I thought I must have defiantly passed it, but loo! There it was, my $15 baby. YEEPEE!!! That is more like it.

use of Imp Bowman in battle.jpg

The funny thing is that I think for the first time I use it in battle today, can’t be too such about that as I didn’t know what I was playing when I initially started but today was the first time I strategically used it. You can watch that battle using the link above.

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