From An Investor To An Accidental Gamer – My Entry To Splinterlands Games

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League Bronze II Achieved

I have been on this blockchain over a year now and one thing that have been coming at my face all the time has been the Steem Monster / Splinterlands games. I have always ignored it because for some reasons I not lucky when it comes to playing games or gambling, so I respect myself and pretend I didn’t see the post or things related to them.

Of recent I haven’t been sleeping very well because of @exyle, please clear your mind people, it’s not what you’re thinking. I read his post and watch his Monday show almost always because he has loads of stuff to offer and one thing that he has been mentioning regularly is the Splinterlands Cards which is used to play the Splinterlands games.

One interesting thing he mentioned that grabbed my attention was when he was explaining how the value of the cards had gone up compared to what they were last year. Now that to me sounded like an investment opportunity. I did some little research and sure enough it was true.

With all the excitement about the new opportunity I’ve found I went and purchased the Beta Starter Set of 30 cards for $10 paying with Steem. My plan was to keep them for 6 months and then check what the value of the cards would be then and decide if I was going to sell or buy more. Pour and simple strategy I thought to myself because I wouldn’t need to play any games to make money, just leave the cards and after sometime their value will go up.

I then moved over to to check what the value of the cards I bought were worth but I didn’t see anything. Is this some kind of network delay or what, I refreshed the page again but still didn’t see anything, I went back to check my transaction details and sure enough the transaction took place. So why were there no cards?

I headed over to their discord channel to make a report and get some answers. I sent a DM to @aggroed but didn’t get an immediate response I now sent a DM to @chrisroberts. When @chrisroberts responded I honestly covered my face in shame. Lol, next thing I did was to put my hangs on my head. Apparently the Beta Starter Set of 30 cards I bought were to help you start playing the games, those cards are not sellable, to buy the sellable cards I had to buy the booster pack, I could also I play games and earned reward cards which are also tradable.

This has distorted my plan, what was I to do? I went over to buy just one booster pack at $2. I just wanted to see how they look like, after doing that I went back to to check and this time the cards I bought were there. I went back to @chrisroberts to inform him that I have bought the booster pack. He said I had 2 summoners and said “I sent you some summoners. Now you have one of every color. That should be a good start!” I was indeed thankful for this act of kindness but still felt I needed time to think this through because I hadn’t made up my mind if I was going to be playing the game.

I think the next day or 2 I thought over it and then decided may be I’ll give it a go, I clicked on the practice section and waited, something seemed as if it was loading so I went to another tab and did some stuff, by the time I came back to check I saw that I lost, hmmm. But I didn’t play any game. I logged off and went about my business. The next day I tried again and the same thing happened, I now decided to wait for this loading stuff to complete. Sure enough it completed loading and I was taken to the section where I would need to choose the summoner and the monsters. Now I get what a summoner is and what monsters are. I got the whooping I deserved. Lol.

I tried again several times and I was beaten black and blue each time. Lord help me, I didn’t think I’ll spend money and still get a whooping for it. Lol. So I went to Dtube and Youtube to do what I should have done before even spending any money and that was to learn all I could about the Splinterlands games. I had been wondering why some monster didn’t die no matter how much hit they got. Why some kept getting more powers after getting hit. Why some got hit but the hit didn’t remove any points. There were just so many puzzles to solve to become successful in battling and winning your opponents.

What I Discovered After Learning From The Videos

You Need To Get The Players: Just like a football game you need the type of players that can help you win your battles so you need to check what you have and buy more Summoners / monsters to help your team.

Team Game:Again, like football, the Splinterlands game is a team game. Even if you have Ronaldo or Messi on your team you still need to select them and position them in a way that you have greater chances of winning.

Practice! Practice!! And more Practice!!!:I guess like all things you need a lot of practice to get a hang of it, not just practicing by playing the game, learn from your mistakes, learn the strategy your opponent use to beat you and fortify yourself.

I have been buying more cards as I play as I notice any deficiency in my team so that I can win more battles and this time my mind is not looking at the cards as an investment even though that is what they are, digital assets. My mind is rather focusing on how I can win more battles to move to the next stage.

League Bronze III Achieved.jpg
League Bronze III Achieved

Yesterday, I moved from the Novice league to the Bronze III league and today, I packed in more cards which helped me in my battle to get to the Bronze II league. I learnt in my secondary school Geography that the higher you go the cooler it becomes, but in the Splinterlands league the higher you go the tougher it is because you need a lot of the best of everything to be at the top.

Steemmonster battle - bronze II.jpg
League Bronze II Achieved

League Bronze III Achieved 2.jpg
At 174 points yesterday

Steemmonster battles trend.jpg
To 427 point today

I know I am just starting and really have a long way to go but I am happy that at this stage I’ll earn 7 more cards for free. Some of my friends here wanted to know how it is going and here it is guys. I just wanted to be an investor in the cards but as you can see, I am now a Player. Lol.

Thanks for reading. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.

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@ketcom, Welcome to the Splinterlands Ecosystem and hope that your journey as a gamer will going to be awesome one. Stay blessed.

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12.10.2019 21:18

Thanks a lot my dear. I appreciate your comment.

12.10.2019 21:20

Welcome and thank you.

14.10.2019 02:51

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12.10.2019 21:21

It all sounds interesting and just like you did before, I usually ignore steem monsters. I don't know if I can get the time to get involved or attention to understand it all.
Anyways, what matters is you enjoy yourself and keep winning in the game.
Wishing you an amazing Sunday ahead 👍 😁

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12.10.2019 22:13

I see it as a challenge my dear. Playing games is one area I see as a weakness for me because I don't take time to learn them most times because of time factor. But has loads of strategy involve and you earn along the way.

13.10.2019 13:16

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