Steem Women Club Contest # 11 MAKEUP & SKINCARE PARTY! | BEAUTIFUL TIME | GREAT PRIZES! /@kenyaescalonag


Hello beautiful women of steemwomen club, it is an honor for me to participate in such a great and spectacular contest, although I do not use extravagant makeup, but something simple, I consider that a woman with a simple makeup looks beautiful in itself

The first thing we must do is prepare our face, I do it as follows, I remove traces of makeup or impurities with a cleansing cream, which at the same time hydrates, I have an oily skin therefore, after doing that, I I wash like pin-pon with soap and water, dry my face, clean my eyebrows.


With the little makeup that I have, I do the essentials of that, it is a simple makeup with few things, to highlight our feminine side. In this case I don't have, years ago my girls finished with all my makeup now is that little by little I am buying something

163199997_1169583063496370_8090041030725463465_n (1).jpg

I place the base tone according to the color of my skin, with small dots around the forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin.


With a sponge, carefully distribute it all over the face and part of the neck, until obtaining a uniform appearance.

We begin to apply the compact powder, to finish setting the base, the right tone for my skin color.


I finished fixing my brows, trying to follow their shape and contours, with a creyon of eyebrows, dark brown color and blending with a brush


Eyeliner, I like to do it with a pencil first, along the entire edge, inside the lower eyelid, then the eyeliner, to give the upper eyeliner more shine.
162885163_184051243312020_3630465362620415039_n (1).jpg

To finish the eyes, apply ritmel on the upper and lower eyelashes, if I like them to stand out, my eyes are small, I did not apply shadows or highlighter, since it is a simple makeup that I use almost daily.


Finally I apply my favorite lipstick, passion red color, of course and a little blush.

163620672_776460822994683_5578930190805800472_n (1).jpg
A big change in a woman and something essential and feminine

Always grateful to @steemingcurators and @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and to the accounts @booming1 and @booming04 for making such a wonderful experience possible💖💖💖


all photographs are my property y el video en mi canal de you tube

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Me encanta amiga, yo soy muy parecida a ti,no me maquillo mucho, lo que nunca me falta es mi lápiz de cejas, ya que tengo muy pocas siempre las estoy maquillando.

Quedaste muy linda!

Suerte en el concurso!!!

21.03.2021 02:32

thank you friend @sughey.💖 💖

21.03.2021 02:36

Quedastes muy linda y comparto tu idea de poco maquillaje @kenyaescalonag

21.03.2021 03:20

thank you very much friend @terediaz

21.03.2021 11:58

Que bonita, cnsentirnos no es malo, y resaltar nuestros atributos.... se inventó el maquillaje usemoslo!

21.03.2021 14:59

thank you very much friend

23.03.2021 14:32