Let's Talk About Words, Episode #2: "Should"

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Oh, this is just like the much debated verse from the Cain & Abel story, Genesis 4:7. Even now, the various translations alternate between using the words shall, will, and should. The original Hebrew word "timshel" however is supposedly closest to may. John Steinbeck wrote a whole novel around this moral lost in translation, East of Eden. Thanks for addressing this very curious shift in meaning!

09.11.2019 20:42

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10.11.2019 16:44

Interesting idea for a series :)
I'll definitely be follow along.

11.11.2019 13:14

Fascinating love a bit of entomology think we could all do with do some research into the words we use. Mortgage is an interesting one 😉 💯🐒

11.11.2019 19:18

Oh ya, mortgage is one of my favorites to teach to people when explaining the importance of etymology, and how the way that a word is currently used isn't necessarily what it actually means.

17.01.2020 22:34

Yep I leant the meaning and it put me off for year but here in the UK the rental is so high i got one. Cut my outgoings but £300 a month so I got into the ... Mortgage won't spoil you post.
Not bee read a lot on steam recently just can't keep up, prefer to spend my time away from the screen. I am very torn as to how to manage it to be honest. Maybe I need a cull haha.

I want to do some videos myself interviews. Think we spoke before about it. Just trying to find good decentralise software and develop my stance. Just the time I have a big project i want to develop so that's taking my mind currently. Any suggestions would be welcome 💯🐒

18.01.2020 15:34

Also one's perception and the way of looking at things will allow them to interpret the words in the way most convenient to them.
A very thin line between the Can I, May and Should I but sometimes it's all jumbled up and kind of comes out with the same meaning though they are not.

14.11.2019 09:04