The 1 Kilo of Sweet Potato - My Crops

February 21, 2021, yesterday, I harvested my crops. I woke up early just to visit my plants, as I planned to water my sweet potato plant. When I looked under the sweet potato leaves, I saw that there was a big bulge! When I looked closely, a large sweet potato protruded. I'm so happy! I felt so much fun in my heart! My smile has almost reached my ears! LOL

In my country we have a saying, "if something is planted, something will be reaped". I took care of it for three months and even the sweet potato Shoot was edible! Just hot cook and the sauce is fish sauce with Lemon or Calamansi. This dish can be used for breakfast or lunch even at dinner!

Many varieties can be cooked with sweet potato. From its root to the leaves. From its root I obtained, can be made sweetened or known in the Philippines KAMOTE-Q from the word BARBECUE. It can also be grated and mixed with flour, egg, sugar, a pinch of salt, which we call Maruya!


I never thought it would weigh a kilo! The three pieces also weighed more than a kilo. I am happy to be able to harvest what I have planted and all of this is organic. I used dried leaves from the park as fertilizer and only 5% of the desert sand. And I crush these dried leaves well before I use them and mix in 5% sand without stones.

For the knowledge of most, I am here in the Middle East and there is no loam soil here. And there are only 7 months of winter here and 5 months that are really hot and need to be based on the climate of the seeds that you want to plant. Otherwise, everything becomes useless and wasted because it will just dry out and will not grow even if you water it. Unless it has a roof to reduce the heat of the sun.

This sweet potato can live in the desert for a long time as long as it is watered daily. And did you know those sweet potatoes can also live in the sands of the Desert? But as I said, it needs water every day. Simultaneously with my harvest of sweet potato was the first harvest of my chili plant. The plan is, the 2nd harvest, we will let the chili on its tree turn yellow before it is harvested.

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22.02.2021 14:42

I'm sorry... I thought this was part of the food?

22.02.2021 16:11

This is a little more about plants, but it can be great if you prepare a meal with what you harvest. :)

22.02.2021 22:37

Sure! I will!!! Thank you very much!!! ^_^

23.02.2021 05:10

Gracias por compartir tu publicación, buenísima tu práctica y se nota tu energía a través de las fotografías, tu alegría por el logro, te felicito.

25.02.2021 20:41

¡Gracias! Este es mi verdadero pasatiempo. Anti estrés.

27.02.2021 08:41