Steemit is on its move!

Wow! I am really amaze for the new style of STEEMIT right now. What we need now is to promote the use of STEEMIT and educate the many who do not yet know it. And most of all, let's do power-up for our account to help each other for voting the person with good content!

It may be confusing to others, but everyone will get used to it. I salute STEEMIT that they can keep the STEEM price at 1 Dollar plus the TRX was a big help and the SBD.


I also haven't been able to write for a long time because I've been busy trading to increase my STEEM POWER. I want to support Filipinos and people with good content. Just continue to take care of this site and teach others how to use it. Beware of links that offer great value. That's a phishing site.


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Hi Sir Kenny, pwede po makisuyo, pagawa ng steemit footer Ganda kasi gawa nyo, kun pwede lang po if you have time. Maraming salamat po.

18.04.2021 23:01

Sure, no problem. Grab it here!


19.04.2021 05:46

Yey, that's makes my day. Thank you so much. Now my little rumbling will look decent in a bit.

19.04.2021 10:18

Sir Ken okay lang pa pagawa ako footers para kay @momshie16 hehehe

Salamat po!

24.04.2021 11:04

No problem!


25.04.2021 08:46

Thank you sir Ken

25.04.2021 09:16


25.04.2021 10:09