I am not Depressed but Stressed...

I am not depressed but stressed...

Have you ever experienced crying because you have nothing to give for your family. You have nothing to give food to eat that is delicious for your children. And you can't put a smile on your wife's face.

Have you ever experienced that you are the only one who has strong faith and hopes in God that all will be well.

But one thing I am sure, I don't know what is running to her heart and mind...

Have you ever been to a room alone and cried to God because of what you are experiencing now.

All of this happens to me often. And no one knows except God whom I acknowledge. But now, I need to release it and write it down to lighten my mood and to inspire others.

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Stress not good for our life stress make an successful man but happiness raise our stress keep smiling and keep uploading post

24.02.2021 09:15

Thanks, buddy...

24.02.2021 11:23