My Actifit Report Card: March 2 2021

Hmm, not a good number but I'm posting anyway! 😄

I got this activity count from my visit to the food store and a short walk. I also did some weightlifting and 50 pushups but that doesn't register on the actifit app.

I saw a YouTube video about a 200 pushups 30 day challenge and i have set my own goals. Normally I'll do one set of 25 to 30 pushups twice a week. Now I'll do 3 sets of 25 15 and 10, every other day. Pushups are a great exercise and doing more of them will get me in shape for the upcoming warmer weather!

Did you see the news that HBD is now paying 3% interest? This makes HBD Hive Backed Dollars more valuable. I don't have many but i may accumulate some now. How about you?

I hope you have a great day! ❤👍❤

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Daily Activity, Walking

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Not sufficient.

03.03.2021 17:32

thank you for the report,have a great day

04.03.2021 14:46

Thank you so much for sharing a great report, have a nice day

04.03.2021 15:50