Fixed the stagea fog lights :)

Fixed my stagea fog lights :)

  • First up, C34 S1 Stagea fog lights are H3C 12V55W, that info took me a surprisingly long amount of time to find!
  • It is the yellow glass lense that gives the fog light its colour, not a yellow bulb as originally thought [so i ended up with blue super white bulbs]


After i figured out what i needed i asked around at a few shops and they were surprisingly expensive, H3 are cheaper but need to be ground down and i just wanted to plug and go, so i ended up on eBay, and lets see how these pan out.

I had two options on fitting it, trying to go from the back and leave the headlight in or remove the headlight, having access to the back of the headlight would have made things SO much easier, but taking the headlight out means removing the front bar and grill, parker etc, whereas going in from the back i only had to move my pod filter out of the way and temporarily remove my radiator overflow so that's what i went with, not that it was easy lol but a lot easier than the alternative


The pod filter probably should have been removed but i had enough slack in it to move it in another direction [and use the back of my head to keep it there lol whilst using the front of my head to try and see what i'm doing, so finicky!! You cant really see what you are doing you have a look then stick your hand in and try work from memory :)



The old bulb

I unclipped the little wire surrounding on the bulb and it popped out, it took about 5 minutes of trying to get the new one in and fiddling, retrying, and finally the wire popped into place!!

I'm so happy to have both yellows again!! Although i'm glad the pack came with two because i'm sure that the new one [passenger side] isn't as bright as the original? its the same spec bulb 12V55W but i don't know, i meant to go back out in the dark last night and recheck it but i forgot, maybe tonight. At least they are both there again :D they are one of my favorite parts of the car, i love the Stagea S1 headlights and i was sad when they weren't working!

Yay, pretty pleased :)

Kenj xx

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