Variety of photographs.

I have a lot of pictures, which I have taken from my mother's phone (samsung j2 prime), as I do not have a phone. But I know that very soon I will have my phone, so I can take lots of pictures, both me and my son.

I like to have many photos stored in my computer, because that way I will always be remembering those good or bad moments.

My son Miguel, a child who wants to be taking pictures, at every moment, he doesn't care if he's upset or happy, he always remembers that moment, just by looking at the picture.

How good it feels when you visit a famous person or friend who had a long time without seeing it, at that moment when you take several pictures and then remember that beautiful moment.

There is an application called #Tik tok, is an application that my beloved son likes very much, it's about making funny videos, singing or dancing.

I also have a variety of photographs of my work, about nails and beautiful women.

I hope someday I'll have a phone, so I can keep taking lots of pictures.

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I hope soon you have phone :) And steem can help lot soon :)

24.11.2019 19:48

Yeah, man, thanks a lot.

24.11.2019 19:59

Npr :) ... just not stop and try more :)

24.11.2019 20:03