Achievement 3 Task on Content Etiquette+. by @kelvincole

Hello Steemians of the Newcomer’s Community, Hope we are all doing great. Once again, I am here to engage us on my Achievement-3 task on Content Etiquette. Simply put, it means having regards for constituted authority before making lifting of their materials. Content etiquette deals with everything surrounding Plagiarism. It was of great essence that this achievement task was introduced to help drive the purpose of sticking to original contents in Steemit community.


The purpose of content etiquette should be well intimated by all concern just as seen in our previous task, in order to avoid /guide against excesses during posting.

Simply put, it means stealing the ideas of the original owner without informing/making reference to Him/Her. In another words, it is the act of lifting another authors work and representation of his ideas without due diligence by referencing him or quoting the source. This can be perpetuated either through coping and pasting, careless paraphrasing or improper quoting.

Plagiarism comes in different forms and ways. See below the different Types :

Self Plagiarism: This is a form of Plagiarism that entails the reuse of one’s own work which has already been submitted earlier. All the person has to do is changing a few words or sentences.

Direct/Intentional Plagiarism: This has to with copying words by words of the original content creator’s work. This act is very unethical and highly discouraged/prohibited. This act is basically called Direct theft because the original creator is unaware/uninformed.

Mosaic Plagiarism: A situation where someone uses ideas from different sources without stating or citing the sources he got those ideas from is termed Mosaic Plagiarism. It happens when someone uses s phrase, ideas without giving proper quotation.

Accidental Plagiarism: This occurs When an individual fails to cite their sources, mischaracterizes their sources, or accidentally rephrasing a source by using similar terms, collections of terms, and sentence construction without credit.

1) The entity involved will lose their reputation and integrity as a result of plagiarism.
2) Standards, whether educational or moral are lowered due to cases of plagiarism
3) Credibility and creativity are hampered and performance dropped due to issues bothering on plagiarism
4) Monetary loss can result from such act of Plagiarism.

1) By Summarizing: This allows you to understand an article and gives you the freewill and mind to use your own wordings and understanding in interpreting gained knowledge. After internalizing, you are now at liberty to create your own ideas from what you have read.

2) By Paraphrasing: Here, you rephrase the original author’s posts and text by not directly copying their text. This will help to rework the sentence structure and pattern of the original content without necessary changing the ideas and meaning of the text. When trying to avoid over usage of quotation, this method can be strategically applied

3) By Quoting: Here, A user can copy and paste another authors work, by making reference to his ideas. Quoting is an important tool as it emphasizes the exact line of action to be referenced to. It can be used to agree or disagree in a line of thought as published by another author. To actualize the power of quoting here, it is important to use the special alphabet > before your message.

With due acknowledgement to @cryptokanno, I have been able to share by view on Content Etiquete- Plagiarism and as such have succesfully completed my Achievement 3 Task

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