Puppy mills: This is why you shouldn't buy purebred designer dogs

I saw a story that a friend of mine posted on social media about how they had just gotten a new pug puppy and while i am happy that this person is going to almost certainly look after this pug very well I am disappointed in her for the fact that she bought a dog instead of adopting one. This isn't just because of the millions of animals in the world that are currently homeless and living in horrible conditions (many of which actually are purebred dogs), it is because of the really horrible states of many, if not all of the for profit puppy creation industry that exists.


These centers where these dogs are bred to be sold are almost always alarmingly bad and while it is better than being on the street this is no rescue operation. These places are housing animals purely for the sake of selling them for profit and have ways of ensuring that the females will remain perpetually pregnant only to have their young taken off of them over and over and over again.


These animals are often kept in filthy and tight proximity quarters and there is little to no emphasis placed on medical care or cleanliness until the puppies go up for sale. Then, the animals are normally transported to a totally different area, so that the people who are buying the animals don't have a chance to see exactly how horrible the conditions are for the parent animals that are used for one thing only: To make more puppies.


More often than not, these display windows units are the only time that these animals have actually been clean and had a nice environment to grow up in. The conditions that their parents are in are almost always a very different story.

I'm not saying that all breeders are bad, but a lot of them are, especially in countries like the one I live in where there is no real law against animal cruelty. If you want to keep 20 dogs in kennels that are barely the size of their bodies for their entire lives, no one is going to stop you from doing so, at least not from a government point of view.

I really want people out there to adopt animals and not buy them. The "mutts" are just as good of dogs as the purebred designer dogs and it has been my experience that in most cases, the mixed breed animals are actually "smarter" and easier to train than the pures.

However, if you absolutely must buy a designer dog, at least do some homework on the breeder and perhaps demand to see the conditions that the parents are currently living in. Reputable breeders will actually have the mothers and pups in the same kennel so you can inspect with your own eyes whether or not the breeder is treating them well. This of course guarantees nothing because the breeder could move them just for this purpose and wash mama just for this once a year show.

Some countries have certification programs for licensed breeders but others do not. Mostly, just do your due diligence to ensure that you are not accidentally encouraging the continuation of animal abuse that goes on inside many puppy mills around the world.

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