Nong Nau Lek's journey towards recovery

Unfortunately this is all too common of a discovery for us: You find a dog that is hanging out somewhere that is horribly malnourished and has terrible skin problems. Nong Nau Lek was pointed out to us by a local shopkeeper that was feeding her scraps but was concerned because of the horrible infestation and bad skin problems that the pup kept scratching to the point of creating open wounds on her body.


We don't know how old Nong Nau Lek is, but she was living on her own under some cover in an alleyway where it is all but certain that every parasite in existence is going to find her. We picked her up and she is in good hands now. She is too young for us to safely administer any real medication at the moment, so instead she is getting a medicated bath every day very gently. She is surprisingly compliant when it comes to the baths and is such a sweet-natured pup despite having grown up almost certainly being all but completely neglected by all those around her.


I would imagine the fact that we provide her with food probably doesn't hurt how approachable she is and her little hairless tail wags anytime any of us get anywhere near her. She isn't very receptive to the other dogs we currently have staying with us, but all of them seem to be very curious about her. For the time being she prefers to simply stay in her crate, wrapped up in a blanky.


We are hopeful that she can recover from this and upon close inspection we have determined that the medicated baths have eliminated all visible parasites from her body, but she still scratches entirely too much - which is something that we hope will subside soon.


I wouldn't say she is exactly thrilled about her Christmas outfit, but it does help to keep her from scratching at her wounds too much and gives them a bit of time to heal. As soon as we get the go-ahead from the veterinarian we are going to administer an edible anti-parasite and have her sterilized as well. In the meantime I suspect that she will be staying with us for a while. Since nearly all of her hair has fallen out since she got infested, it will be interesting to see what she looks like when it starts to grow back.

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