I never met a dog that didn't like Bravecto

It probably starts to sound as though I am getting paid to promote this product after a while but I promise I am not. We did receive a large supply of it at cost by a local distributor but that didn't have anything to do with Bravecto or their parent company Merck.

Many years ago, I remember how difficult it was to get dogs and cats to take their medication. If it was a tablet you had to wrap it in ham or tuna and hope that the animal swallowed it as well or you would have to crumble it and smear it on the food. Sometimes there would be syringes and you would have to force-feed your dog or cat this way. They obviously did not like this very much.


With Bravecto they basically can't wait to have it since it is specially designed to be a treat that they can't wait to have. It also has many lasting benefits that spans across up to 4 months.


In Thailand, almost all dogs that don't get regular shampoo baths and families or individuals to look after them end up with some sort of skin problem and many of these can be life threatening. Bravecto treats almost all of them with a single dose, both internal and external.


Thankfully, we still have a lot of this stuff remaining from the last time we had a donations of sorts and it is really the only thing that we have a surplus of at the moment. We are pressed very thin in almost every other category... we do what we can during the lean times.


I guess you could say that I am just very pleased that a product like this exists because since I do not know a lot of these animals, I am not really keen on sticking my hands inside of their mouths as we haven't really established that level of trust yet and likely never will. I can't imagine what was done before Bravecto but it likely was not a pleasant experience for the human or the dog!

As far as I know Bravecto is available worldwide and we've never seen any ill side-effects either so if you see a dog that has skin problems or a load fleas/ ticks / other parasites, you can almost certainly use Bravecto with no worries!

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Krabi Animal Welfare is a charity run entirely by volunteers and are a registered non-profit organization in Thailand and the U.K.. We aim to relieve the pain and suffering of dogs and cats within Krabi Province.



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