Do not adopt if you aren't ready for the challenge

We help a lot of animals and we try not to play favorites but it ends up happening sometimes. Just like anyone else it is impossible to not have a soft spot for puppies and other small dogs. Sometimes we have to keep ourselves in check and remember that it is actually sterilizing the adults, and especially female adults, that is the most important.


Puppies are just as popular in Thailand as they are anywhere else in the world but unfortunately they are a lot more likely to be neglected and even abused here than other places. A big part of the problem here is that people "adopt" puppies without realizing that dogs are work, and puppies pee and poop on stuff and will chew up things, that is kind of what they do.

One of them looks like its about to poo right now

So people end up keeping the dogs outdoors and then they start tearing up the garden or start causing mischief around the neighborhood where they are sometimes poisoned or simply killed by other means, especially once they stop being cute little puppies.


It would be nice if dogs were born just knowing that they are not supposed to relieve themselves on the floor inside the house but this is actually your job to teach them that and if you are not up to the task, you shouldn't even take on the job of trying to pretend as though you are ready for it. It can take a lot of work.


Puppies are cute and basically everyone likes to touch them but if you think that raising one is going to be an easy walk in the park just stop right now. Walking in the park is a big part of it but overall raising a dog is a lot of work, especially when they are young. Of course if you own a farm or something you don't really need to do this but I think most people don't own farms these days.

By all means I am encouraging everyone to adopt if they can but you are doing more harm than good if you adopt a puppy, get it used to living with a family, and then abandon it because it is too difficult.

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