Oil Painting on Canvas- sailing on the sea

Hello lovers,
Having a sleepless night for what one have passion for worths it. Here is another painting on canvas depicting the information of sailing on water.

Let me say this,alot of people have phobia for water and cant even stand to be at the bank of a river has they get so dizzy standing there; also have people who can swim out in deep oceans when they want to.

Now to the message am passing across with this beautiful illustration.


In life, it is bound to have challenges and it is so right to stand up to it and face it to have a solution to it. Everywhere you find yourself, you have enemies and definitely, they will put you to test. Seeing them, you get discouraged but standing up with them to face them, you overcome the challenge. It doesnt matter the number of sticks you use to stand up with them but what matters is that you dont give up to them to ridicule you. You are strong and bold.

This is what i have to show you and also encourage you with today.

With love, i will appreciate your support and love through your votes/comments/resteems.

Until my next post, enjoy the blog and stand to fit in into any challenges you may have because with that, you will overcome.


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Comments 3

You are a nice artist..
You have a lot of creativity.
I have beenfallen in love with this pictures. Hope you will reach in front of your succes.

07.11.2019 07:34

Thanks so much
I really appreciate.

My fallen for art and creativity cant be explained as i always wish to go deep into representing my feels. Art has no limit and definitely have no end

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07.11.2019 08:37

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