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Where to keep finding me - please don't lose touch, okay?!

Hey everyone. I'm still waiting to see how everything will pan out here. I'm diversifying a bit, and will for the time being continue to post in both places a bit while I'm figuring things out--Steemit and Hive.

In the meantime, I'd love to not lose touch. I'm working on song themes this year, where over the course of a few weeks I'll be posting 3-5 songs on a similar theme and providing some commentary--everything from politics, to culture, to art, etc. I'm looking forward.

Please find me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you're on MeWe, there, too. I'm not planning to ditch the community at all; I just realize I need to have a presence everywhere I can if I want to reach as many as possible with my music, which has always been my goal. But, that said, I would love if Hive took off and continued to grow and give us a real place to continue sharing.

I love Steemit (and maybe now Hive?) and the whole concept. I loved getting in on the cryptocurrency movement, and have appreciated this corner of the internet in a very real way. I love the outside-of-the-box thinkers I found here--so many lovely, smart misfits. I have learned a lot, and honestly, it was a crucial artistic home for me for a while when I was trying to figure out where to share what I had to give to a world I was convinced wasn't listening - but you guys were. And I felt much freer here than elsewhere which felt so incredibly PC. I'm grateful for this place and for all of you.

Anyway, we will see how things go. But please keep in touch, whether it's here or elsewhere!


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