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Original Track "FOREVER" now on dsound/available to download!

This is a song about youth, and fighting back to that freedom and joy we knew as children and still keep somewhere a sort of distant memory in our bones.

Forever by Kay Clarity

You were once a child
Caught in the wildflowers
Hoping on a dream

I remember you
Full of all the blue skies
Running through the streets

Oh, can I keep you like that
Forever, forever?
Don’t let time have the last laugh
Go back to forever

Able-bodied man
Does your heart stand stoic,
Beating just to breathe?

You were young once
Just life-drunk sober
Always saw honey in the bees


It’s a fight, it’s fight to finally find yourself
It’s a fight, I know it is
It’s a fight, but I will fight by your side forever


Copyright 2017.

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