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Gorgeous, haunting Canadian folk song! (cover by @kayclarity)

Totally sad; totally lovely. The Canadian spirit, friendly and funny as it is, is at core one of deep melancholy, particularly in relation to our bone-chilling, life-threatening winters.

I hope you enjoy this one. I loved singing it.

Lyrics below.


Okay, PS: where do I find my passwords page now? Things have changed since I was away a lot this year!

Frobisher Bay, written by James Gordon

Cold is the Arctic Sea
Far are your arms from me
Long will this winter be
Frozen in Frobisher Bay
Frozen in Frobisher Bay

"One more whale," our captain cried
"One more whale and well beat the ice."
But the winter star was in the sky
The seas were rough; the winds were high.

Deep were the crashing waves
That tore our whaler's mast away
And dark are these sunless days
Waiting for the ice to break.

Strange is the whaler's fate
To be saved from the raging waves
Only to waste away
Frozen in this lonely grave.

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