MARKET watch:Are you ready for a new Challenge the BEARS Continues to win the battle but the battle line has been drawn


It's been 3 months since the outbreak of the Corona virus and things have turned the other way round especially in the financial market with almost every stock, bonds, equity and commodity prices dumping massively as there is panic, since covid19 has become a pandemic forcing various governments and companies to short down operations of certain sectors. This in turn also affected the cryptocurrency market as we saw most major coins dump between 50%-70% as there is major sell off due to FUD been spread in the market.


CHL and CHLP was not left out from the dump as it dumped from 0.0000166/EOS from my previous spotted price to 0.0000112/Eos which is the new ask price, all though bidding still hangs at 0.0000162/EOS which denotes slight dump in price of CHL to EOS, But EOS on the other hand suffered am major dumped against the USD which was previously trading at $3.2 now trading at $1.9 losing over ~60% price value. This in turn caused CHL to dump in terms of the dollar valuation from $0.000051 to $0.000025 losing about 99% of its value. As the Bear Market continues volume also reduces as sell pressure reducing prior to challenge app V5 been release in some weeks time which comes with various upgrade of the challengeapp software it also enable users set reward to other Coins and is intending to list Steem to the application, but with the recent event on going on the steem blockchain between Justin Suns and witnesses which has given birth to Hive I doneg or HiveP as the new upcoming fork of the steem blockchain by @blocktrades and other top concerned investors, traders and witnesses to fuck of Justin Sun which might cause a catalyst swing in price this coming week.

Still keeping watch on how things unfolds at the market.

Disclaimer:This post was created for educational purpose, Before investing in crypto currency do a diligent research before investing in any project am not your financial adviser seek the services of a verified investment manager if you need one.

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