Fighting to maintain their kingdom among the pet cats of the house

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Do you remember Adolf Hitler? Who said-

War is life, war is universal

Honestly it sounds bad to hear but I don’t get upset by the point amount. We find the truth of this word in all spheres of life. Because every creature has to fight and survive on the ground of the earth. We are constantly fighting for survival. Maybe we have to constantly fight with ourselves or with the people around us or with the environment around us. This is real‌word.




This is not an exception in the case of animals and birds. For example, a few cats live in our house. Although these are not our pet cats. Then it turns out that these stay in our house and a little around us when we eat.

When a fish's hook or a hook is thrown, the cats fight with each other. Sometimes it seems that this fight is a fight to defend their kingdom. That fight often turned out to be like World War II. Ha ha.

A lot of times there are scenes of fighting between a few cats in the house. A few days ago I enjoyed the fight between these cats and took some photographs as well. Although at first I was a little scared. Because the two cats started screaming loudly and one of them started to beat the other.




The fight between the two cats continued for a while. One attacked the other in a good way. None of them wanted to give up. I was terrified to see the intense roar and attack between the two cats. They looked very mad. After a while, when the two cats see me, they just start barking. After a while one of them started attacking the other and after a while two cats ran away. This scene scared me so much! Again I enjoyed it so much! It was a really awesome scene.Anyway I liked this scene quite a bit. So I shared with you, I hope you like it.


This post is totally plagiarism free and All the pictures taken by me

Picture type Cat's Photography
Device Samsung Galaxy J7
Photography type Cat's Fighting
Focal length 3.6 mm
Photo Location Cumilla, Bangladesh
Photographer @kawsar8035

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