Please read this post if you are just tuning in, this will help you better understand what is happening if you are new to this. Thanks.

Mark my words. They will both downvote this post because they know it is the truth, and it scares the hell out of them that any of you might find it out. They will further prove the truth herein for me in so doing. I thank you gentleman both in advance for the accidental helping in support of this truth about you two.
Alrigight so I will lay this out with a time line as reference.

1st conversation on Steem(it)between the two specific accounts (Marky & Bernie) on those accounts only begins on: 09/11/2017

This conversation that is the first between the two was downvoted by @dan:

So again first blockchain conversation between the two accounts. We all know they speak off of Steem on Discord of course etc. As well as on their other Steem accounts.

Keep everything above in mind. We will get back to that in a moment.. Alright so now I need to first show you about who upmyvote 'is', for those of you who may not know:

It is common knowledge that 'upmyvote' is 'themarkymark':

Hang on guys we are getting there..

So please note 'upmyvote' was created on 2017-11-23.

nd was given a massive delegation by 'engagement':

Engagement is BernieSanders:

It is no shocker that Marky, whom is one of the biggest fighters of so called 'Antiabuse' on Steem, and he never fights (downvotes or even speaks) against ANY of the abuse done by Bernie on Steem(it). That is because his hand is in the metaphorical cookie jar. AKA follow the money trail. It is not about abuse. The only abuse is the taking of everyone and anyone's rewards.. to help line Bernie's pockets.

Note Marky is in #6 top 20 witness.

Hence more proof of what I said about Bernie is the Kraken. His Octopus arms are wrapped around top 20 witnesses via financial ties. More importantly his Octopus arms are wrapped around all of Steem including the rewards pool, as well as the currency. Don't believe me? Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. As long as this is happening there will be zero democracy or fairness in the way the platform is ran.

This alliance ensures that Bernie can continue raping the rewards pool. Marky is only a metaphorical mask that Bernie wears to abuse people. Sure he is a real person. But his umbilical cord is attached to Bernie via $$$.

Alright so the two started talking publicly under 'these' accounts on Steem(it) on Sept. 11 2017.

And we know that NGC is BernieSanders. This is commonly known by literally everyone on Steem(it)..

And we know that Marky stated he does not know who Bernie is in real life, and or that they never met because and I quote his words,

" I'd love to see any proof I know Bernie in real life because I have no idea how that is even possible since I have no clue who he is. I worked with him on a curation project and bam we are best friends. ¯(ツ)/¯"

Ok so let us examine this part of what he stated in particular:

"I have no idea how that is even possible since I have no clue who he is"

And here you have it guys..

Bernie is NGC

Marky is Upmyvote

They began chatting on Steem(it) in public under 'those' mentioned accounts on Sept. 11 2017.

And so with that in mind..

Dated Dec 18th 2017 - "FOR A GOOD TIME LAST NIGHT"

(3 months after first public message to one another on Steem(it) under people connected to the two accounts in question)

January 22 2018 - "DATE NIGHT"


I want you to recognize that "flowers and drinks" can not be had VIRTUALLY.

ThThre you have it. By the way there is more that I have pertaining to other topics. I will give it out as I see fit. This was a response to a lie that was told to me in which the gentleman stated "I have no idea how that is even possible since I have no clue who he is.", and as such I was inspired to respond to his false statement with the truth.

It is not my job to argue with anyone, convince anyone of anything. I am just here presenting the truth.

Truth does not require any help. It does a fine job standing on its own two feet. So you can insult me all you want, in an attempt to either butt kiss those two mentioned like a sycophant for possible Steem rewards via upvotes, or not. But regardless of what you choose to say, I will assure you of one thing. I do not care. I have eyes to see, and a mind to understand what my eyes see. Any fool can see clearly that those two do know one another. And that the gentleman is caught in a bald face lie.

I rest my case.


steem #steemit #witnesses #witness #powerdown #money #crypto #truth #Infoationwar

Update: Below the gentleman caught lying said he knew all along this is what the proof would be. However that is more of his lies. He never "knew" that this is what my proof would be. In fact this is what he said he "thought" I would present.. when responding to my original post concerning this topic.

A closer look as to what he 'THOUGHT' my proof would be:

And now he says this:

What a load of horse shit. Those messages have sat there since 2017/2018. I have had them since taking the account and was waiting on it as I couldn't claim you did not admit to knowing Bernie until you actually said "you do not know Bernie". They did not just appear recently magically in some elaborate scheme. How stupid do you think these people are? Wow man. You must seriously think these people are morons. Thankfully we know people may be good, genuine, and sincere people.. and in general believe the best in people.. why should they think otherwise.. but just because people are kind, and good hearted, does not make them unintelligent. Your story of 'planting them just now' because you knew I would find them is absolute horse shit. Those have been sitting there since the dates on the memos.. and there is no way you could plan this moment from 2017, when I didn't even know what Steem was, or that it existed in 2017.. much less you planting it, as an elaborate scheme to trick people into thinking you know Bernie when you do not? LMAO.. man oh man.. you seriously must think people are morons.
I will not be responding to any more foolishness.
Cheers guysrs guys!


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This proves everything ! There is collusion between the two and together they rig the payments on the entire platform .

Amazing work Kawaii , we need to bring this scum to justice !

23.08.2019 08:15

Thank you Smidge. The truth prevails. And the Truth Shall Set Us Free!

23.08.2019 08:22

this one really has no flipping idea when they are being made to look like an idiot with sarcasm. Here's some drinks and flowers to help you get over not having a clue.

24.08.2019 15:42

Oh how cute sucking your friends cocks for them with your little idiotic comment. You have your hand in the cookie jar.. or better explained.. you have your hand down markies panties. Watching you jerk him off till he comes is pretty gross.. Keep that to yourself.

25.08.2019 10:09

Wow they totally know each other, and dan down-voted them to shush them! lol

23.08.2019 08:39

Well as for why Dan downvoted, that I can not say. But what I do know for sure is that they both do know who one another are. And they know one another in their offline lives. Since at least 2017.

23.08.2019 08:46

Well if he knows him, then that's probably the reason.

24.08.2019 04:33

Of course, that makes total sense because I sent a delegation payment with a snarky memo. I sent him flowers! You are so adorable.

24.08.2019 07:32

The memo says nothing about 'SENT'. The whole 'sent' topic was brought up by:

THAT is what the message read. Everything else is a twisted version of what it really said. And or to change the topic into strawman arguements and gaslighting techniques.

Run along now con artist. You have more people to scam.

24.08.2019 09:44


24.08.2019 09:48

23.08.2019 13:19

LOL, I knew you would bring up the messages as "proof" which is exactly why I did them in the first place.

Those are all delegation payments for delegation to upmyvote which you would think you would be able to figure out. At the time, I was putting almost everything I had into paying for delegation and there were very few sources of a large delegation.

Upmyvote was built because at the time due to blockchain limitations and the amount of Steem Power @buildawhale had, I had to make a smaller bot so I could do less than 5 SBD minimum bid (which at the time was a lot for many people). Upmyvote was 0.500 SBD. Once HF20 launched, you could vote a smaller percentage without wasting voting power and the problem became moot.

The memos are a joke because I know people snoop memos and wanted to give them something to talk about. Didn't think it would take this long for someone to bring them up. I play the long game, and that was a joke that finally paid off. There isn't much I do without a reason.

"The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around", I'd love to hear your explanation on this one. Does that mean I carry his brain around in real life or something?

If you look around at Bernie's posts (I'm not going to do the leg work for you), you will see he made a post offering delegation for sale. I took him up on it.

It's also no secret I made the Randowhale Chrome extension. He put up a bounty for it, so I made it. I was actually contacted by a few people to make Chrome extensions. At the time I was fairly new and didn't know anyone much less Bernie.

As for responding to his posts, I'm one of the thousands who responded to his silly posts. Usually with some goofy-ass response for lols. I'm always in for a good laugh.

If Batman had your detective skills, he would be kicked out of the DC universe and get a job as a janitor.

I'm honestly disappointed, I thought this would be far funnier, like a picture of two random people from SF3 or something. My last show predicted you would bring up the memos as your "proof".

23.08.2019 08:51

nothing is more fun then busting dumb criminals , save your spins for courtroom , you'll need them

23.08.2019 09:12

I upvoted your 'story' so people can feast their eyes on just how dumb you really think they are.. I have nothing to hide. They can look at your horse shit lies all they want. I want them to look at it. It just proves how dumb you think they are. Not to mention that you are further spinning your web of lies.


23.08.2019 09:17

Thanks for the vote!

23.08.2019 09:20

No problem man.

23.08.2019 09:27

23.08.2019 14:43

23.08.2019 18:12

23.08.2019 18:24

☝️ mafia member

24.08.2019 21:23

@upboater really loves your comment


23.08.2019 09:20

23.08.2019 14:44

I didn't watch that video but for a couple minutes....that basically was because I was like, wow, that looks like that crazy dude Josh who created PBR on Disqus. His mannerism is just like his also.

One thing I will say is that flowers and drinks may not be able to be sent virtually but people can pay for people's dinner, drinks, flowers anywhere in the world if they like, it's just a matter of calling a restaurant and having it set up.

Since you were the first to bring it up about a date night I've had inklings at times that MarkyMark might be a woman, either that or he works in close conjunction with a woman, maybe a significant other, if that's possible Bernie may have paid for them a date night for work done on their behalf, anyway it's all speculative, just as sometimes I speculate some involved in these backroom bawls may actual be legit players acting as non legit players to see who they can draw from underneath the rocks....but hey you know it would make sense in that one has to be creative to always stay one step ahead of the other side.

I guess you can take that all for what's it worth, this site is so sybil nothing would surprise me. Makes for interesting times.

23.08.2019 11:25

You can't mail flowers to an unknown address. So if you are giving someone flowers you would need to know who they are in reality. I can not send you flowers now can I sunlit? Can you send me flowers? Send me a dozen then. If you can get me flowers with out knowing who I am, or my address.. I will agree with you.

23.08.2019 11:31

I think in that first line I was giving you a subtle hint following another alternate thought...I am definitely not into pissing off Bernie, if you can't add two plus two that's not my fault. You know there always email there's that, anything could be set up privately that way, if I gave you my avatar email you still wouldn't know who I was.

23.08.2019 11:57

pulls up a chair and grabs some popcorn

23.08.2019 12:01

23.08.2019 12:02

23.08.2019 12:22

23.08.2019 12:39

Welcome to the cuck club ball washer!

24.08.2019 10:53

24.08.2019 14:55

OMG Marky is @justineh! lol imagine if Marky is just Bernie's Girlfriend!? lol I watched the video by @psecdocumentary, was very interesting!

23.08.2019 19:39

24.08.2019 07:33

Update: Below the gentleman caught lying said he knew all along this is what the proof would be. However that is more of his lies. He never "knew" that this is what my proof would be. In fact this is what he said he "thought" I would present.. when responding to my original post concerning this topic.

Actually, if you checked out my show I recorded two days ago I specifically said exactly what I thought your "proof" would be. It's right in the recording.

23.08.2019 12:03

I see this as proof that you are @kawaiicrush! So you are probably Bernie too.

Kidding of course :) I listened to some of your show, but 2 hours is a lot, even when I speed it up a bit. I need to get away from this stuff some of the time.

23.08.2019 20:08

☝️ marky's paid troll

24.08.2019 21:24

I love movie you've got meme from :D :D

24.08.2019 10:07

24.08.2019 10:08

☝️ marky's paid troll

24.08.2019 21:24

Bruh you're a genius.

Can you find out who the second shooter was on the grassy knoll next?

23.08.2019 12:35

23.08.2019 12:46


23.08.2019 22:58

You are toast. I was polite to you. But your just an ignorant bitch. Go fuck yourself.

24.08.2019 10:52

You need to develop a better sense of humor. I probably should have put that in parenthesis, which I do when I know I shouldn't laugh but I can't help myself. So I will try harder to use parenthesis, life is to short not to enjoy a laugh...even if I have to be laughing on behalf of my own self...people have bested me before, gotta give credit where credit is due even if it means laughing at oneself.

25.08.2019 04:47

You will be getting the cuck treatment shortly. I am powering up a shit ton of steem. You think you are funny. LMAO.. you have no idea what is about to happen cuck.

24.08.2019 10:52

No worries, I will power up the same and counter it if need be.

24.08.2019 11:04

Listen cuck, wtf u doing cuck? Leave us alone cuck! Marky u of all people don’t need to power up any moar! lol

24.08.2019 18:21

I pity you. I don't know what's going on in your head. But obviously you have an issue anytime someone questions your authority it seems. Even if it's a joke.

I think you need to take a step back from steemit and get some therapy. Because this behavior isn't normal. You can't live your life going around calling people cucks and shit for perceived slights. Even 2 year olds aren't this triggered and they are like little Hitlers on crack.

I suggest you get some therapy, take a vacation, smoke some weed and get laid. Please get some help.

`The fire you kindle for your enemy often burns yourself more than him.
-Chinese Proverb

05.09.2019 13:31

Not feeling this proves they know each other in real life, although it certainly demonstrates a camaraderie and at times a common goal. Which is obvious by their own admissions and actions. Not sure what I was expecting really when I said yes though to be fair.

People today (and for many years I noticed when I first got online around aol 7.0) will talk to one another and actually feel they are the best of friends with strangers they interact with online. People who can say they are whatever they want. I noticed this with my son as he was growing up. He has many "online" friends, a few of whom he actually has met in real life and become actual friends with. Most though have been and will always be friendly acquaintances, although he views them as "good" friends. I don't get it myself, just describing what I have seen. Had I not witnessed this dynamic, I probably would have seen more in the interactions you posted, as you have.

Kudos for your patience in searching the chain though. That's what brings me back to your posts. Your posts detailing histories that you have researched fascinate me. Thank you.

24.08.2019 00:11

Glad you found the post informative. Remember I never said they were 'best friends', or 'good friends'.. Not even one time did I say that. I believe I stated "they KNOW who one another are in real life". But never the words Good or Best regarding the title friend.

The first delegation to Markys bot from Bernie, was nearly a half a million Steem. At the time Steem was roughly 8 USD a share. While it doesn't "prove" in and of itself what I am about to say.. it is yet another puzzle piece.

Would you lend (delegate) some random screen name 414,148.531 Steem.. multiply by 8.00 USD, give or take some pennies at the time, which equals 3,313,188.248 Million USD, to a total stranger whom you have zero basis of trust with, nor know them any deeper than a screen name on some random website. When was the last time you heard of one guy delegating 3,313,188.248 Million USD to funguy69.. a screen name of a person whom they don't know from a hole in the head.

There is no way anyone believes this for a minute. And those who claim to are lying to not only everyone else, but to themselves.

This isn't my first rodeo. I wasn't born yesterday. The puzzle keeps coming together.

Everyone can try to downplay what is happening, but it is extremely evident.


24.08.2019 05:17

Would you lend (delegate) some random screen name 414,148.531 Steem.

Seems obvious to me (and probably most) that the 1600 Steem payments were the cause of the delegation. Strangers delegate all over the place here to others, and yes I find that strange. Yet that doesn't negate the fact it happens daily a lot.

Not sure why you are now downvoting everyone who doesn't see it the way you want. That action mirrors some of the actions you are always going on about from some of the whales. They don't really matter one way or the other for myself, as in the last 30 days I have only earned a whopping 0.61. Since I stopped posting 4 months or so ago that's about standard, so if it makes you feel better to hit at others because the ones you're angry at don't feel your down votes, feel free to continue on mine. I'm not sweating the half dollar a month and it's worth it if helps you get a grip on this obsession. Plus, let's be honest. Greyed out posts are a reader magnet anyway :)

Just curious why you don't just fork your own chain and run it the way you see being the "right" way of doing it? Investing in more would support that which is driving you to extremes. This battlefield will never be yours, so why not make your own?

Blessings to you and yours, will keep you in my prayers.

24.08.2019 17:26

Fuck off. You are fake opposition. It is clear as the day is long. Go to hell you cuck bitch. Go suck Bernies ball sack. You like it.

25.08.2019 10:04

love it

24.08.2019 01:04

The proof is exactly what Marky had said on air couple of days ago. Lol

24.08.2019 03:19

I am starting my own SFR that will be CFR.. and you are on the list.. very soon you are going to pay for your sins.

24.08.2019 10:53

You need a better hobby.

I was expecting more. Not something the man in question already told everyone over PAL radio show a few days prior.

24.08.2019 11:35

☝️ marky's paid troll

24.08.2019 21:22

☝️ marky's paid troll

24.08.2019 21:21

I guess he never heard of lol

24.08.2019 05:43

It really has nothing to do with the flowers.

The messages show something deeper than two accounts who are perfect strangers.

Don't let them warp your perspective into focuses on one detail. You can not see a whole painting if you cover it with a blanket that has a hole in it, and you only look through the small hole.

This is about the bigger picture.

They are more than strangers.

No one sends strangers 4 Million dollars in delegations.

24.08.2019 06:04


24.08.2019 06:25

Is it not allowing you to downvote coin? Please explain, I can help.

24.08.2019 06:35

Oh yeah it was last week, i was downvoting and all of a sudden it got jammed up on that one! Strange glitch, so i made a gif!

Posted using Partiko iOS

24.08.2019 06:38

Make sure you wait a few seconds between each vote man. Sometimes that is just because of voting earlier than 3 seconds in between each attempt at voting.

Let me know if you need any help as you go along man.

24.08.2019 06:42

Will Do!

24.08.2019 07:43

He probably stole your RCs.

24.08.2019 07:31

24.08.2019 07:52

While you reveal they work together on more than 'just a curation project', memos aren't proof of anything. I have made sarcastic comment on the only transfer of Steem I ever initiated. This isn't a defense of anything or anyone but the truth.

The @themadcurator project seems to have been far more momentous than such a project could have been expected to be. I defended the account from @fulltimegeek, despite my approval of many things he has undertaken, and his appropriate anger at @themarkymark. Also despite my aversion to the acts of @berniesanders. Oddly, as a result I was targeted by @berniesanders for some time. That same event ended up with @fulltimegeek utterly censored by Stinc.

Many associations were revealed by @themadcurator.


24.08.2019 06:02

Memos aren't proof of anything? Are you for real. They totally banned kawaiicrush for replying to a man via the main page comments/replies section of her reply section of Steem(it) with the words (I loosely quote from memory in the matter) "Aww You're Silly" to a man who said, what she thought was directed to her at the time "Mam <--- I want a relation with you"

She was crucified for saying "you're silly". Literally. Not one person stood up and said "this isn't proof of anything". They made up disgusting lies, wouldn't listen to the full story about the fact that that message contained the word "MAM" which indicated to her as she explained to me that the message was for her.

Speaking of great curation projects, she was curating at the time for Steem Nurse to the tune of 100-300 people on Steem it a day. I was one of those people whom she curated. Out of her own free time, and often with little to no sleep. The night she replied to the "Mam" message was one of those such curation nights. And as I mentioned it was from her home page reply section.

The bottom line is not one person said "Well this isn't proof of anything".

I guess you are innocent as long as you have 1 Million plus Steem regardless of what you do. Including threaten to put bullets in peoples heads, regardless of varieties of evidences (puzzle pieces).

But less than 10k Steem you are crucified because someone says so.

You people can have one another. I am done.

Wallow in one anothers excrement.

It appears you all so enjoy it.


24.08.2019 06:13

She was persecuted for sexualizing her daughter and making people believe per pictures were her while being flirty and sexualizing. Of course, she purged all those comments and her social media accounts, but the blockchain lives forever. That's why she dumped her account on you clowns.

24.08.2019 10:19

A child's photo of a "head/face" can not be sexual. You are demented and sick in the head. Since you look at a child's FACE and see sex I suggest you turn yourself in to the police immediately. And stay away from play yards, as well as schools.

24.08.2019 10:55

Since she panicked and gave you the account to minimize the chance of getting in trouble. She also deleted all her public social media accounts to attempt to hide all traces of it.

Here ia refresher.

24.08.2019 10:57

If interested, I made a t-shirt to remember this moment in history.

24.08.2019 10:26

Easily fixed.

24.08.2019 10:43


Your a hoot. You are the one who spam downvotes everyone and their uncle. I am used to it. I don't agree with it. But since YOU the people who run this place do it, and everyone loves you so much, and ass kisses you.. if it is good for you.. it is good for me.. don't be a hypocrite cuck.

I am going to start blanket flagging all your little cuck friends.. powering up thousands soon.. this will be fun.

24.08.2019 10:49

24.08.2019 10:50

You’re just the problem fixer aren’t you? There must not be any real spam problems with STEEMIT since u need to spend all the time going after us regular users?

24.08.2019 18:27

If you remember correctly, you came to me and started downvoting me and my commenters spewing some bullshit. Enjoy the bed you made.

24.08.2019 19:18

OK. fine!

25.08.2019 19:55

Is there a badge for the dozens of flags he gave me?

24.08.2019 18:48

This was shown to me, to remind me why I walked away from this place.

Look kid, I spent nearly two years exposing genuine collusion and corruption around here, with photos and university blog images of people working together before they got here. For the old timers, we already all knew who knew who and who blew who.

But this post? Is moronic.

The most stoooopidist part is citing those memos as about last night, flowers and drinks as"proof" of this non-starting non-news non-truth.

"You can't send flowers and drinks online" - no but you can send snark and sarcasm, you 2 watt light bulb.

Anybody who knows Malcolm knows that kind of memo is exactly what he would send along with some reimbursement or payment to somebody.

Don't you agree, sweetcheeks?


Moving on, I wish I hadn't been pinged and drug back around here to see this .I feel dumber for having given this post two minutes of my life.

24.08.2019 15:40

who pinged you ?

24.08.2019 21:20

Hi @sircork are Malcolm, markymark ans the sanders/ngc group all the same person?

24.08.2019 22:09

24.08.2019 16:03

Given how nasty he is being to people I think you should consider excluding him.

24.08.2019 18:48

You have far too much time on your hands.

I didn’t read this as to not justify your pathetic life.


24.08.2019 20:22

flagging more of @kawaiicrushs self voting trash posts....join me @coinstant @kdtkaren @honusurf there all this fuckhead self voting away everyones rewards...flag the trash #newsteem

28.08.2019 00:42