Global Warming And Climate Change: "EVEREST is melting" So does the many other peaks in Himalayas.

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Today I read another interesting article on the Vice, please note that the article is interesting to read-only but the content inside and the situation it has pointed there is very disappointing. I like checking out time and again because it sometimes tries to cover some key topics happening around from the ground in the way that no other mainstream media do.

Let's keep the other topics aside, for now, my main focus on this post is all about global warming and climate change, and the effect on the Himalayas that we've seen and experienced in recent years.

Scenario #1

Everest is Melting, Revealing Tons of Garbage and Human Bodies

“The world’s highest garbage dump” is throwing up trash and corpses that lay buried for decades as commercial mountaineering meets climate change.

I know lots of media were ranting a few months back when there was huge traffic at the Everest Peak, but they never try to cover the ground reality, they were just blaming the whole system and the regulations. Fery few talked about why those bodies are being exposed recently.

Scenario #2

Some days ago I wrote a post and again I'm taking some part of that post here.

Flies, mosquitoes seen in Lo Manthang for the 'first time

Flies and mosquitoes were alien to the highlands of upper Mustang until some time ago. These days, the sighting of the insects has become quite common in the settlements of Lo Manthang, which lies 3800 meters above the sea level.

Lo Manthang is one of the rural parts of the Annapurna Region in the Mustang Valley of Himalayan country Nepal. Situated at 3800 meters above sea level this place is commonly known as Upper Mustang among the trekkers. But we can imagine not every plants/animal can survive this Himalayas wether. Flies, mosquitos and alike insects were like aliens around here, which are very common in urban areas. But now this story is changing.

Scenario #3

A few months ago there was another news circulating on the internet that a new lake has been discovered above 5000 m(I don't remember exact figure) of altitude from sea level around the same Annapurna region, making it highest lake(no any official report though). Some people were taking it as a pride. But very few took it seriously as it was nothing a pride or celebration but a serious effect of global warming or global climate change that's affecting the Himalayas as well.

And recently, I noticed some media are covering the same news. So not it's official, what I thought was a hoax is actually a true story.
New-found Nepal lake may be the world’s highest

The lake called Singar locally, which is said to have formed out of the water melted from the Himalayas, can be reached after 18 hours’ trek from Manang district headquarters, Chame. It’s 24 km from Chame.


Some people still don't believe the climate change but it's real and damaging the Earth.

Reading online materials sometimes I get frustrated to see people being ignorant or just act ignorant about the global climate change caused by humans. Or they cannot see/feel anything around them because they live in AC and they never tasted real wether??

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