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There be dragons!

Those three words will get my attention every time. I like dragons. I've been writing about them in my latest manuscript, which is one of the reasons I haven't been blogging.

The main reason I haven't been blogging, however, is that my previous computer died on me and I was between machines for a month. Now my new (to me) Mac is here, sweet velvet-rubber keys under my fingertips, and I'm back in business.

This map photo was taken at a playground in Tennessee, where I met up IRL with a Steem friend of mine. I love how falling down blockchain rabbit holes have made my life better as I've found friends all over the world.

I've been out of the loop in a big way, and I've missed some things. A lot of things. I'm okay with that. I'm not going to sweat over the hardfork. I'm hoping that Steem is a lot larger than any one update, any one change, and that the platform and the value of STEEM will grow in the long term.

For now, I'll focus on the fact that I enjoy blogging here, I'm grateful for the friends I've made, and I'm looking forward to the future.

Did I mention my new computer's keys feel like rubber velvet? I did? Oh. Well. I like them. :)

Steem on, y'all. Keep doing what makes you happy.

Whatever happens, keep singing your song!
Peace. @katrina-ariel
Katrina Ariel

Author bio: Katrina Ariel is an old-soul rebel, musician, tree-hugging yogini, and mama bear to twins. Author of Yoga for Dragon Riders (non-fiction) and Wild Horse Heart (romance), she's another free-spirit swimming in the ocean of Steem.
Dragon art commissioned from Liiga Smilshkalne.
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Welcome back. Im a little envious of your rubbery velvet keys! Awesomeness. Im sure they will make you a better writer too ;P

Ah you know Steem.. things always in motion. Somethings remain the same though too. I have been here every day and still dont pay attention to some things, like the HF.

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05.07.2019 04:00

Mmmmm... rubbery velvet keys. ;) I'm envious of your trips the ocean, even if it is winter down there. Thanks for sticking around and always being so encouraging. YOU are one of the reasons I'm still blogging here. (((hugs)))

05.07.2019 04:16

Ah what? nah really???? Aw shucks. Hugs back, dragon girl!

05.07.2019 07:09

Yes, really. ;) I'm so glad you're here.

07.07.2019 22:49

Must be a Canadian thing. My friend Jangle has been out of touch for a month with a broken computer. Replacement arrives Monday, a culturally significant day for me.

I don't know if she got the 'rubber velvet' option or not.

Glad you are back.

05.07.2019 08:21

Thanks for the welcome, Tom! I hope your friend's computer is there and they can get back in the proverbial saddle. Sure made a difference to me. All my best!

07.07.2019 22:49

blockchain rabbit holes

I love that.... I too have come around to focusing what I love about this place... the Steemians I have met and the outlet for my expressions...

Rubber Velvet sounds like a great way to express with :D

05.07.2019 09:28

YES! Focus on the good stuff, don't sweat the small stuff—and it's all small stuff, in a way. The blockchain evolves, but I'm here for the people. And even if I'm making less on posts, I'm still making more than I would blogging anywhere else, so... Thanks for the sweet comment, my friend!

07.07.2019 22:48


08.07.2019 15:02

good to see you return. You have been missed.
rubber velvet eh

05.07.2019 10:50

Aw, you're sweet. Thanks so much! Yes, rubber velvet. Only way I could figure out to describe it. LOL!

07.07.2019 22:47

Welcome back and the Mac keyboards do fele so nice dont they, I had a MAC for a few years but am not back to windows PCs

Thanks for being an active Member of SteemUSA !tip

05.07.2019 11:32

Aw, thank you! I love Macs. I won't get into the Mac/PC debate unless spurred into it (ahem, @jackmiller), but it's my preferred platform. Either way, as long as the machine gets the job done. Always great to see you, JJ. Thanks for the comment love and the tip!

07.07.2019 22:47

thats a debate I stay away from as well, depending on the use case either can be good
and my pleasure to visit ;)

08.07.2019 00:14

Ohhh debate, no, never.

Take the p... out of each other, HELL YEAH!!!!!

& on that note, one of the all time best memes on the topic:

08.07.2019 05:51

The evolution of technology, eh? ;)

08.07.2019 06:15
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05.07.2019 11:33

Welcome back.. it's always nice to have a new computer, even if it is only new for yourself! I love exploring it and setting it up so that it is just the way that I like it!

05.07.2019 20:16

Indeed! A clean slate. Thanks for the re-welcome... is that a word? It is now. ;)

07.07.2019 22:38

Glad to see you back! Nothing like a new computer right? With all of the writing you do it's your best friend :) I agree, no sense sweating the hardfork, it will happen whether we like it or not, hopefully everyone will weather a little change in a positive way! Love your map, perfect for a treasure hunt, or a dragon! Can't wait to hear more !!

06.07.2019 23:14

Thank you! Yes, a new computer is always an exciting thing, especially for a writer. And don't sweat the small stuff, right? So good to see you here. Really appreciate the sweet comment.

07.07.2019 22:45

Rubber velvet huh? Silky smooth then :P

07.07.2019 18:50

Silky smooth but grippy. Makes my fingers happy... they don't want to stop touching. ;)

07.07.2019 22:38

Touching is good! Annnnd...makes me want to be your keyboard! HA! Glad you like it sweets. Much love :hugging:

08.07.2019 10:17

Hahaha it's getting hot in here :)

08.07.2019 10:30

The real question is, who is the best dragon?

  • The Hungarian Horntail from Harry Potter
  • Smaug from the Hobbit
  • Drogon from Games Of Thrones
  • Toothless from How to Train a Dragon
  • Porunga from Dragon Ball Z

Considering that Porunga can grant you a wish, he would for me the "best" dragon, however TOothless is probably the best companion, and Smaug the smartest as he can speak. I digressed a little here hahaha.

RIP to your old PC, did you manage to salvage your harddrive?

08.07.2019 10:29

Looks like your new computer was JUST what your fingers needed. How can you not enjoy rubber velvet? Have missed you!! HUGS

10.07.2019 05:44