We did a camel ride along Lighthouse Beach!

A satisfied camel and two happy girls

This was an amazing experience! In port macquarie we could delete another point from our bucket list! We rode on a camel along Lighthouse Beach. The Lighthouse Beach was about 45 minutes walk from our accommodation. Like so often in australia, we have completely underestimated the distance and luckily but just in time for the last camel ride came.

This was an amazing 30 minutes spent on the camels walking along Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie. The handler was very knowledgeable and full of information about the camels iselfs and interesting facts. He was also absolutely full of jokes and it makes the really amazing atmosphere even better.

We as a shadow on a camel

There were about 8 camels and we rode along the beach, Lighthouse Beach, for half an hour. It was a relatively spontaneous action of us and actually we wanted to experience a camel ride with sunset, but it was still very nice. Although it felt very shaky on the camel back we felt very safe with the guides, they seemed very competent.

especially great was that the beach was almost completely empty. it almost felt like a safari!

Thats me ;)

At the end we got into conversation with a camel leader, who really looked like one with his long white beard and his cane. As every Australian we met in Australia, he was really nice. He asked us where we lived and said that it was too far to walk. As a result, we were taken in the car. In Australia that happend so often to us.

What I have not said in any of my post but always wanted to say: The Australians we got to know were so incredibly open and nice people. We seldom felt so welcome in a foreign country! Everyone wants to help and is interested, it was a different feeling than for example in Germany. Of course, that does not apply to everyone, but we have been able to make positive experiences with the locals throughout Australia.

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Thanks :) @tipu @annzhao

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04.11.2019 18:12

I would like to ride a camel while playing soundtrack music from the movie The Mummy with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.

04.11.2019 21:15

Lol i do not know this soundtrack i will check in out :)

05.11.2019 06:40

Natural beauty of the life

04.11.2019 23:50

@katrin-lux, Such a great life experience . I love to ride on camel. But never had and experience. Already had experience ride on horse. Lovely pictures.

05.11.2019 06:30

Yeah its a little bit different than riding a horse :) thx !

05.11.2019 06:38