Relaxed Time at Mission Beach

Incredible view from mission beach

One of the most beautiful beaches we have seen in australia is the mission beach. For a total of four days we lived in a small village next to the mission beach.  Because there was not that much infrastructure and the village was really small we decided to stay for a short time. We do not regret it. I would say it was exactly the time you need to completely explore the place and enjoy the beach and the sea there. The beach was incredibly beautiful! The palms were right on the ocean. Next to the palm trees there were real coconuts. Overall, the beach was a few miles tall. The backdrop with the palm trees directly on the beach looked like a picture in a movie.

Just one minus point: There was an area separated by nets. Only there we were allowed to swim. The nets should protect the swimmers from sharks. Sharks were increasingly spotted at the time we were there. Of course we did not go into the water because we were too scared;) For surfers, the beach was not suitable, there were almost no waves there. Nevertheless, to lie down and relax the mission beach with its incredible views was really great! Although there were a few people, we did not feel much visited because the beach was so wide and long. What you should absolutely try is to see the mission beach at sunrise or sunset. Unfortunately we did not see the mission beach at sunrise or sunset because we did not had a car and had to walk there for a very long time.

Even if the post has not become very long, I hope that you liked you. Of course you have, depending on where you live, also a good connection to other tourist attractions or islands. If you liked my article I would be very happy about an upvote or a comment :)

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22.11.2019 20:00

It looks and sounds like a fabulous beach @katrin-lux!

22.11.2019 22:24

WoW! That is such an amazing looking beach $trdo

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@trendotoken @,andy4475 thanks ☺️☺️

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Nicht viel los da am Strand...

Liebe Grüße

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