MacBook Air – 5 Reasons to Change your Plan

There are numerous advantages to the current MacBook Air range. Without a doubt, they are exceptional computers with enormous autonomy and impressive speed. However, they present a series of disadvantages that are not always promoted and, what is more, they are not usually "in sight". Today we will share with you 5 most important things or you can say the 5 important disadvantages of the MacBook Air. A series of disadvantages that apply to both 11-inch and 13-inch models.

1) Expensive

The cost of Apple Care is very high. If you want to cover the MacBook Air with two additional years of warranty in addition to the year that Apple provides you, you will have to be willing to pay no less than $600 or plus. It is one of the most expensive Apple Care services offered by the company, surpassed only by the MacBook Pro warranty with Retina display that already takes us into the field of 450 dollars. An iMac, on the other hand, Apple's all-in-one tabletop, has an Apple care with a cost of $260.

2) Built-in Memory

You cannot change the RAM. Once you have opted for one or another RAM option (4 or 8 GB) you cannot choose to expand its capacity. There are those who offer you the option to expand the memory after purchase but since the memory is soldered directly to the motherboard you run an incredible risk of damaging the equipment with what is better that you decide as soon as possible if you are going to want 8 GB of RAM .

3) Speed for $100?

The RAM expansion price is disproportionate. If you want 4 GB more of RAM the price is completely disproportionate and you will have to pay 100 dollars more, something that has been criticized Apple on numerous occasions.

4) Unique Connectors

The price of the connector is approx. $80. Yes, God forbid, you break for one reason or another the MacBook Air connector will have to be ready to pay $80 for another. There are unofficial alternatives in any case for a little less money but again you run the risk of damaging your equipment and in any case the difference is not usually so high.

5) The storage

This is the major one. The storage cannot be expanded either. Like RAM, solid state storage cannot be expanded after purchase, limiting it to acting with the storage capacity you have chosen. You can always connect an external hard drive and the speed of solid state storage is really amazing. However, you should keep in mind that the storage capacity of the MacBook Air is set at the time you make your purchase.

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