Obituary - The bidbottophant is dead

In times of conflict there will be sacrifice and the Bidbottophant paid the ultimate prize.

It only became 3 days old. When Checking my profile today I saw the first ever post of mine to be ghosted, and as I had sadly left the Bidbottophant inside the post he was killed when hit by a high speed bidbot.

I am off doing something else today, But will edit this post later with some mourning graphics.

Remember that the bidbottophant is CC-by, so everybody can reanimate and have his or her own zombie-Bidbottophant.


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Poor bidbittophant. Animals should not have to suffer the consequences of war!

31.08.2019 09:47

No, I agree, but they get the Dickin Medal if they do. I planned to feature that strange medal in my next comic page, now the Bidbottophant can have one.

P.S. Jeg ser du er fra Stavanger - Jeg er fra København.

31.08.2019 20:05

I kinda feel like I want a Dickin medal....

31.08.2019 21:48

That's a shame. I liked the art and intent :)

31.08.2019 09:59

Too early to call time of death, we still have a few more days to get the paddles out...


31.08.2019 10:02

You were obviously right! Let's see what happens to the Bibottophant. One thing is for sure, he will not be able to walk again so I'm building him a wheelchair.

Maybe the text also need to be changed:

... bidbots (except the clean an' nice bidbots with whitelist dresses and snowflake ice-crowns, who now solemnly swear to be good little botties) ...

31.08.2019 21:16

Bidbots are so powerful that your elephant antibidbot ended like a swatted mosquito.

31.08.2019 10:05

Even larger fish came to the rescue and the furious bidbot owner suddenly became a nice, cuddly white lamb doing anything they told him - so the Bidbottophant still lives actually. Not quite as before, though. He has some disabilities now.

03.09.2019 08:46

Really sorry to hear what happened to bidbottophant. I liked the initiative. I am also concerned by the attitude of that bot owner considering the amount of SP behind it.

31.08.2019 10:07

Due to Steemit aristocracy mending he actually survived... I will update the post and make some new drawings of him. He hasn't died but he isn't back to normal either. But with a wheelchair and a loving family he is getting on with his life as SteemitJusticeWarrior.

03.09.2019 08:49

Was a great idea and it will be remembered as will the gross over reaction of a certain somebody.

31.08.2019 10:34

The saga hasn't finished it seems... The post survived after much full body oil whale massage!

31.08.2019 20:02

There's some very constructive audio chat going on right now. Progress is being made by all parties.

31.08.2019 20:03

Well, if they can sort out what kind of place the rich investors want, I will return to what I do best.

Hopefully they come up with something usable - there are limits to the amount of childish bicker I will put up with to stay on a desolate website.

31.08.2019 20:38

Feel free to join in, listen.. a lot going on.

31.08.2019 20:46

It seems like bidbottophant did exactly what it was supposed to. It exposed the intentions of those who run the massive bidbot accounts.

31.08.2019 11:17

Well stated!

31.08.2019 11:53

It did indeed... And now after much drama - it survived. I have to make some changes to the drawings. I think he needs a wheelchair and I'm afraid he lost an eye. But only half martyred it seems.

31.08.2019 20:36

I hope it can live on somehow. He's so cute!

31.08.2019 12:00

He survived. He's an invalid now but can still eat from a straw.

31.08.2019 21:20

What a shame. It obviously touched a nerve!

31.08.2019 16:02

Did indeed :)

31.08.2019 21:28

the death of Bidbottophant shows exactly why steem is truly fucked. Steem is taken hostage by such a greedy mafia of bidbots owners. For those of you who missed the outrageous message:

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31.08.2019 16:29

Totalt hysterisk og korrupt som sædvanligt. Nu hvor det er en respekteret fyr fra parcelhusene der er blevet ramt, er HA og Bandidos gået sammen med indvandrer gangsterne og advokatforbundet og har genoplivet Bidbottophanten. Jeg tegner ham i rullestol nu og laver et par tabloid interviews med hans familie.

31.08.2019 21:25

Hahahah. #hilarious 😂

14.09.2019 12:45

This is something i really dislike about

That they went overboard on hiding things.
Greyed out comments don't even show up on my reply.
And even when i click show, then i have to click show again for images and comments.

I already clicked to be able to see it.
There shouldn't be a second... are you sure?
There shouldn't be a third... are you sure?

Especially with all the flagging wars.
Especially if it is someone i am following.

31.08.2019 17:47

They resurrected him. Gang wars are bad for business so the blue ball Elephant is back in colours.

31.08.2019 21:27

I think he's a cute elephant and you shouldn't let him die.

01.09.2019 03:42

He did survive, but not thanks to me. Powerful Steemit aristocrats have begun worrying if killing off professional content creators that has been here for three years, like myself, might be a bit bad for the image of Steemit. People on the outside consider this place a gangster haven, and sometimes it is hard arguing against that. But the Bidbottophant survived - he will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, he lost and eye and can only eat through a straw but he survived. I am making some updates to the drawings.

03.09.2019 08:54

lol glad he is still alive. Looking forward to the new drawings!

03.09.2019 17:44

They are already there :) The story is actually a bit sad, but maybe I will make up for it later by giving him a house and a wife!

03.09.2019 20:29