Inktober day 2 - Mindless

It is October again and I have joined the yearly task of producing a drawing every day in October. You can read about the concept here: Inctober

Todays words is. "Mindless".


the 2019 list. From the Inktober website.

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Do you think you could post a few WIP images on the way to the finished product? That would be cool to see, too.

02.10.2019 17:46

I seldom do, and always want to make a film instead as I do not really care much for long posts with obvious work stages myself, but I like to see people draw. I made a film of a real ink drawing for last year's Inktober (the one in this post is digital).

After many troubles I have found it here:

The footage is speeded, but the sounds are real time. Something to do with me not understanding FFMPEG.

I also found this post where I have work in progress screen shots, mainly because it was a painting and not a simple drawing like this:

02.10.2019 20:05

Love it. I've seen others with a similar theme. I actually had something along the same lines in mind (!) for mine. Will see what I can come up with.

02.10.2019 17:52

It's great that you participate!

02.10.2019 20:06


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02.10.2019 18:30

Damn, that is so much on point, it hurts!

02.10.2019 18:56

Hehe, and I really just got inspired by this ol' thing by one of my mentors!

02.10.2019 20:08

Phew, at least a crumb of comfort!

02.10.2019 21:13


03.10.2019 03:40

Oh, so true. I guess we´re all victims...

02.10.2019 19:33

I was a bit tired of social mediating today so it was the first thing that came up.

02.10.2019 20:07

This one makes me feel weird when seeing this on my phone lol. Nice one though! :-) Du laver de fedeste tegninger

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02.10.2019 20:51

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02.10.2019 21:45
0 drawing!..don’t know why, but the squeezing big hand reminds me of Popeye, you know??..may because it’s the same kind of the lines or same style...and the drawing hits the point!..up..follow you..

02.10.2019 22:54

This one is awesome. Great job.

03.10.2019 03:39

It's how the first shot always becomes something beyond my imagination in the second shot that alwaýs gets to me when I am enjoying your art. You are too creative 💞

03.10.2019 06:56


05.10.2019 14:45

Good idea with this of technology one becomes mindless ! upvote !

10.10.2019 04:57