Comment Art

Sometimes I make a drawing and put it in the comment-field instead of words. I just made a birthday-greating for example, but while I did so I thought I might find some of the images thrown randomly in my many image folders. I have taken a daily hour lately to get some order in all the harddisk mess, and in doing so I have created a comment-art folder, so I have somewhere to put them when I find them.

It is not always I remember the context so some of them are pretty cryptic. But I mostly remember which user it was for.

This was something about roleplaying and as far as I remember was an aswer to @builderofcastles
I can't remember the context, but it is Shakespeare as a punk, and it was made for @roused
This one was for @nyarlathotep as far as I remember. I made a drawing with seaguls and doors so it must have been from that post.
No idea what this means, but I made it for @shortcut
This was from one of the #nowords posts and was made for @ocrdu
This one is so old I do not remember the context, but it was on the Diaspora network. It is called facepalm.
Another one for @shortcut. It is called blown so I must have thought it should say exactly that.
Made for one of @steevc's many songs.
This one is recent and i remember that it was an answer to @meesterboom in the Bernie lovepost. As you can see the topic is quite topical.

There are also some comment-art in this post with Katharsisdrill portraits.

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Responding with a drawing is a great way to mix it up and may express your feelings better than words. Thanks for sharing your weird art with us.

24.09.2019 10:39

Sometimes I want to write but simply get word constipation :)

24.09.2019 11:24

Slight typo... @meisterboom should be @meesterboom. Some are not taking kindly to the bidbottophant again.

24.09.2019 10:53

Oh really, is that pesky 'phant causing issues! I must see! Lol

24.09.2019 10:59

OOps... better fix that.

That mournful kind of reproachful look can be unnerving for guilty as fuck bidbot users I guess. Who's mad at him now?

24.09.2019 11:23

This guy sent me a flag.., he seems to think bots are wonderful and the answer to all our problems.

24.09.2019 11:34

Sad thing is he doesm't really understand how things work or why people do as they do. He just rants because things aren't like they used to be. A very tiring attitude.

24.09.2019 13:07

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24.09.2019 12:32

Nice drawing. Your drawing skill is so good.

24.09.2019 14:27

Thanks :) I practised for many years.

25.09.2019 06:42

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

25.09.2019 02:48

Thanks, mate!

25.09.2019 06:42

Really cool idea & nice sketching skills! Keep it up :D

25.09.2019 06:27

Thanks! Haven't seen your blog before. I follow now.

25.09.2019 06:58

Awesome! Yeah i am pretty new to Steemit, started posting a couple of weeks ago:P

25.09.2019 08:51

It was always a very special pleasure and a knightly accolade to receive one of your comments in the form of a drawing.

25.09.2019 11:48

Hello @katharsisdrill, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

30.09.2019 01:53