A new hope... I mean new power supply.

Yesterday, after having read @winstonalden's comment I decided to go to one of the local computer shops and buy a new power supply for my computer. (You can see here what happened to it). I had checked the hard disks and they worked fine, so I assumed the rest would too. If not I would have to pay some money to have it checked, but

A knife and a screwdriver and a phone with camera. As all such repairs it is fairly simple to put together.
Pulling out all the power cables.
About 75€ for a new power supply. Irritating money to have to pay. Next time there's a thunderstorm I'll probably unplug the computer.
The new power supply in place. I plugged it in and everything worked like a charm.
Cleaned and ready to commence service. For people who know about such things you can see that it is a reasonably powerful machine.
The fried octopus will go in the recycling bin. In Copenhagen we have collection of 6-7 different types of waste at the place where you live. This one qualifies for the electronics bin.
As soon as I was back in action I learned that my computer wasn't the only thing that needed fixing. This post is written on the steemgeek.net interface while Steemit.com isn't working at all...

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Computers are pretty reliable these days, so it is annoying when you have to replace parts. I've not even opened mine up in at least a year. It's probably full of dust. Hope this power supply lasts a while.

03.09.2019 06:58

The powers unleashed by a lightning strike are huge, so I guess I can be glad none of the other components were harmed. Next morning the internet was down and I talked to the repairmen from our local coop internet provider (I think the coop service is way better than I have experienced with the large tele corporations - combined with a price less than one tenth of what other people pay here in Denmark). They told me that most of the routers in the basement was blown to smithereens, so it was no little thing.

03.09.2019 07:43

I can imagine it would fry most equipment, so you were lucky. The main thing is to not lose your data.

03.09.2019 09:06

I lost my Motherboard to lightening in the UK about 10 years ago. Not under insurance as an Act of God! :O

04.09.2019 07:01

I have realised that my 25 year old printer also died, and the wireless router set out... Let's see what insurance says. Must be strange being in a business where it is about delivering the worst possible service to the customer.

05.09.2019 09:25

Glad it worked out. It looks like the new power supply is one of those modular jobs so you've got less cables everywhere and some better airflow, too.

I actually love taking computers apart and putting them back together again. For some reason it's more fun than anything I actually use the damn things for.

06.09.2019 10:39

A lot of clever design solutions since I last did this. I didn't really enjoy it. I am too busy to really enjoy the simple things these days. Probably the autumn will bring some calm days, it normally does.

06.09.2019 21:04

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