Type And Earn? Affirmative!

The world around us evolves.
Sometimes we have the chance to participate in this, sometimes we prefer to watch it and perhaps join when we feel safe.

Blockchain technology is considered a breakthrough and even though I was not aware of it since its beginning, it fees amazing to be in projects using this technology.

Steem has had its ups (and what ups!) and downs, and currently it appears to be diving underwater.
But it does remain active, vivid and seeing all these amazing projects being developed, makes me positive!

We still create, we still dream, we still do and we still move forwards.
Sometimes it does not matter how small your steps are, all it matters is that you move to the right direction.

And what I come to talk about today is @typeearnblog
brand new project coming to us by @tykee (a well known & trusted member that I remember since @utopian) and his amazing Team! I guess that their initial thought was .. *"Why not having a simple, fun project to be active, learn and earn?!" And they came up with @typeearnblog

ou can check out here their first post and for questions feel free to join them on Discord for any queries that cannot be found in this guide


Image source CC0 - modified by me

Didry it out ?

What did you think? Of course I did!

I wanted to see what this is about, I love typing and I have been good at it for the past 15 years.
And a little secret about me.. I type with all 10 fingers :P

So, how can someone participate?
Simply go to https://typeearn.com and log in using Steemchain or steemconnect.

You can check it out while practicing, but I suggest that you go to the 'Earn' section right away! (see below image)

You see that a minimum of 20 TPC is required so that you start earning. This is done to prevent abuse, and it simply takes a few moments of your time, purchasing them at the steem-engine!

I am writing here a very short guide, because I think it may be helpful for people (like me) that are not very steem-engine savvy!

How to buy my first TCP tokens?

[1]. Visit the link > https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=TPC
[2]. If you are not signed in, you need to sign in
[3]. If you are signed in, you will see the following screen

[Screen Shot - @steem-engine]

[4]. Scroll to see the Buy/Sell Options

[5]. You need a minimum of 20 tokens (each tokens price is approximately 0.06)

Current price
Typecoin (TPC) current price is $0.06.

source - retrieved 10.10.2019

[6]. Note! You will need to have at least 8.108 Steem (0.4054 lowest price per TPC)

My balance was too low, so I went to 'DEPOSIT' where I brought some extra steem in

[7]. Approve NEW BUY DETAILS clicking on BUY

You will need steem connect again or steem chain to approve the transaction.

[8]. If everything went smoothly (why wouldn't it?) you will see the tokens at the https://steem-engine.com/?p=tokens section :)

You should also be able to see your TPCs at your profile section
I am borrowing this one by @tykee because mine is not yet updated :) (I am too quick haha)

[9]. So, till now this is it!
You enter, you type (practice and learning at the same time) and you mine TPC tokens!
The best thing is that there is a 6month road map published by @tykee so it seems that much more is coming our way soon!

Six(6) months Road map

We will be improving the project actively, and we can say the fun is yet to come. The below-listed features will be achieved within six months.

Compete and play with friends and online users.

Share your activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Completing the Task components.

Daily Leaderboard and all time leaderboard.

User extensive profile and wallet improvement

Enabling charity donation

User timeline... Like steemit.com and other steemit like features.

User statistics.

Feature for unlimited mining.

source and more

Wait, there's more?

Of course!


Of course an airdrop is arranged for us steemians, what did you think?

These are the details, feel free to join and participate!


We will airdrop 30,000 TPC to people that can write reviews about the project on Steem. The airdrop will run for two weeks.
For Airdrop eligibility:

Steemian must have the minimum of 100 followers.

Reputation score must be from 50 and above.

User must not be in Steem cleaner, Buildawhale or any steem abuse fighters blacklist.


A minimum of 500 words.

User can use any steem interface to publish their promotion post.

Ensure to use typeearn as the first tag.

A user can publish twice within the stipulated time.

Share the post on Facebook and twitter. If possible, share on Medium.

Drop the link to the post on #typeearn promotion on our discord server.


The Typeearn team will review each entry, and all will be rewarded accordingly. The minimum reward is 100TPC, and the max reward is 400TPC. The post quality will determine the reward.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I wish you a lovely day and feel free to post your comments or questions below.

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Hey @shaka, well done!
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Hey @shaka, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

10.10.2019 12:57

That's very interesting @katerinaramm!

10.10.2019 08:44

Thank you @katerinaramm. This is clear, entertaining and well done!

10.10.2019 08:51

Thank you my friend, I wish you and your project the best :)
It sure is fun!!

10.10.2019 09:40

Nice write up kate. Well done.

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13.10.2019 00:29

It would be cool I guess but it never let me so much as log in. Just does a loading screen, then disappears and thats it.

14.10.2019 12:23

Sorry about that @mobbs. To solve the issue properly, I think it would be cool you join our discord server https://discord.gg/3gZwD3 to report the issue on the #report-bugs-here channel.

14.10.2019 14:45

Hi @mobbs, thanks so much for dropping by, I appreciate it :)
I have used firefox and it worked great, may I ask if you used steemconnect and if you can try again and let the team know?
There was an issue a few days back, but it was resolved just a few hours later - so it is good to make sure you did not try at that time!

14.10.2019 17:22

It doesn't get as far as that. I click the button, an animated loading square comes up, then it goes away. That's it. I'll join the discord as above I guess. Be a shame to waste my 130wpm typing speed

15.10.2019 00:33