The prescription: in Italy right and left 2 sides of the same coin (English version)

The purpose of the Salvini 

league to postpone the decree abolishing the statute by one year was in reality a ploy to never let it actually come to fruition. He was never in agreement in the past, as could have been the opposite, given that the most representative of the system, see Berlusconi, have benefited from it, resulting not guilty precisely in addition to prescribing the crime. Now Renzi 

with his new party, born the day after the league dropped the first Conte government, threatens to sign a FI proposal, Berlusconi's 

"multi-prescribed", to completely abolish the law that comes into force January 1, 2020. Now tell me how do you not understand that the left and the right are faces of the same coin, joined together even against the prison for the great evaders, leaving aside the question TAv in which clearly voted jointly in the classroom to start the waste of public money in the way of Moses,

 not wanting a minimum wage for workers (a hungry people is more manageable). They created the Rosatellum in order not to govern the M5S 

in solitary, they did it on purpose precisely to counter the war on their rotten, corrupt, colluded, swapping, mafia system. But in reality the real problem not only them, the politicians, the "powerful" but those who still believe in the division of the left and right ideologies, deceived into having to choose where to take sides here or there and that every time fall back to us at the time of vote, perhaps because they are too ignorant or just because they are also an integral part of the rot. Alessandro Di Battista 

was right when he said it, many criticized him but those many will see him again on the "battlefield" soon and I will still be on that field still at his side ...

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