The Italians want a strong leader in power

According to Censis (the institute's activity is focused on carrying out social studies) 48% of Italians would like a strong man in power, a dictator. 

48% of Italians are a flock of sheep looking for a pack leader because they are unable to make decisions or propose new ways ....

This explains why at the moment the polls of the latest (democratic) voting intentions offer 32% of Salvini's league

The most beautiful parliamentary democracy in the world tormented in the last 30 years by corruption, exchange of favors, bribes, state / mafia association, squandering of public money and this people probably like it because they are complicit and colluded, supported by paper and television information also he accomplice because the result of the dirty interests of their owners.A tangle of weaves now radicalized also in the population and this is all the fault of the "sheep" .....


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Sad but true :(

24.12.2019 21:58