massacre of animals in Australia


Experts from the University of Sydney estimate that the number of animals killed in the fires that have plagued the country since September has been around 480 million, including mammals, birds and reptiles, according to the portal.

The case of koalas is particularly worrying, since it is estimated that around 8,000 specimens would have died, about a third of its total population.

The ecological catastrophe has not only affected the animals, but also the forests and natural parks of the country, the Gondwana reserve, where there is a jungle dating back to the time of the dinosaurs, has seen almost half of its extension disappear due to the fire .

Another park, considered of high natural and ecological value by the United Nations, the so-called Blue Mountain, which is also the ecosystem of endangered species, has been affected by fires for half of its total area, reports Sydney News.

Sussan Ley, the country's minister of ecology, said that the total number will not be known until the fires have subsided.

At the moment, this is unlikely to happen, the fires are active for the fourth consecutive month and the weather conditions continue to be unfavorable.

Yesterday, Thursday, 130 active fires were reported in the states of Victoria and New South Wales.

The threat of forest fires in Australia is such that authorities have ordered mass evacuations as the situation is expected to worsen in the coming days.

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