Looking for you

You were born like this

a little at a time more and more

between secret stories

of colleagues around us,

looking at reality

which perhaps was also different

like that story

who was also talking about you ......

Smiles and words

among the clippings of that time

looking for you

even then when you left

you never understood that

I always wanted your smile,

I was looking for you

but you never knew.

It happens that then

all that was only in fairy tales

that should never be,

you come in inside me

so much that I don't live anymore.

And the other doesn't know

that I fought nights and days and more

to throw you away from this heart

what peace will never have.

But why are you there

you who no longer give your smile now

and all that will be

it is only to be written

who stays with me ......

_The image was taken from: h_ttps://it.images.search.yahoo.com/

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