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My name is Kashif zaman.Im 22 years old.I am citizen of urban area of pakistan,punjab. I live in district lahore tehsil lahore Lahore is the heart of Pakistan And the people who live on it are so beautiful Man is a very city A lot of kings have passed here in Lahore date. For 1000 years Muslims have ruled in our body and the Shahi Mosque in Lahore and the Baathi Shahi Fort is one of the memories of the same time.


I did my matric from govt high school chorasta mian khan and got good marks.And I went to lahore for further studies I did my FSc engineering from punjab college lahore and got good marks also got 2 year scholarship.Then I went to UET lahore for Mechanical engineering.Now I am in last year of mechanical engineering and also doing practical work in embroidery SWM Machine

Working place

I am recently working in SWM machine.Here is the pic of working area.Apart from this, there are many more machines that come in our supervision.Basicly our factory does the designing work Where Muslim Balbu is designed together And I have been in control of all the machines for the last 6 years


My keen hoppy is to study books in free time as it gives me relief.Good books are just like good friends be careful in chossing books because bad content can lead your mind to distruction then I am very keen to play cricket and football in free time to keep me physically fit and strong

How I join steemit

I went to my friend one day @abdulqayyum95857 .In order to discus about daily life and education .He told me about steemit and ask me to join it It is a good platform To show our talent and I realized it.

Knowledge about Cryptocurrency

I have a little bit knowledge about cryptocurrency that I come to know from my friend and I hope you will also guide me further more I shall be very humble and thankful to you for this act of humanity.I know enough that it contains free love tokens Tokus Gastro is traded in Bitcoin and a good ryme top currency. I also want to work for the promotion, work for their promotion and I also want to invest in it.
And we have a Pakistani brother @cryptokraze Which is working very well I like his work very much and want to do the same kind of work right now

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