## Boy and girl have no friendship

My experience in this field.

•I have inquired a lot about everything I have written in it and I have a lot of experience in this regard as I have studied from 1 to 10 in the private sectors and and almost for most of my life.
• Has made people learn.
•I am very interested in learning about different things and that is why I keep searching for something and today I have shared a part of my search with you and you like this lesson of mine. •If you come, you will definitely tell me by commenting that such incidents have happened to you.
•If you have come during your entire life, you will definitely tell me.

What is the biggest reason for the young generation in our society to turn to evil?


°Today is a very modern day for me, I was tempted to say that I must do this because these things can be very beneficial for our young generation so that they can successfully replace these things. Why is it that most of our young generation is upset?
°Most of all, if the biggest reason in our whole world is that our young generation is going on the wrong path. Let's start talking without wasting time, God willing. What I am going to do today is very important for all of us.
What is going on today is causing a lot of evils in our society. These are the evils that destroy the human family. This is love.

°There are those who are running pre-marital schools, colleges and universities which is nothing but a deception and deception, so we have to take some precautionary measures to avoid this deception so that we can eradicate these evils from the root.
°We have to make some strict arrangements so that we can control our young generation and make them aware of all these scams and There is nothing in it but deception so that our generation will soon understand this and they will not have to face any situation in the future which will be dangerous for them and for us tomorrow.


°A girl and a boy have an illicit relationship. They don't realize how big a problem this relationship can pose tomorrow.

°Is used for which in the end the result is nothing but ruin so some wise people say that there can never be friendship between a girl and a boy. It may seem like a good thing at first, but it turns out when the time comes.

°When people fail in this false love, the first step is to commit suicide, and then if someone escapes the misfortune, they start using drugs or their lives are ruined.

°But they destroy the lives of their families.

°Before we get into these evils, we have to find a solution to the evils that plague our young generation.

An important lesson from me to all the young generation.

°If we do not find a solution to these evils, then we may have to face the difficulties that our Knowledge will not work if there is no life, then what is the use of this money.

°Cars, big houses, bungalows, this fame, all this will not be of any use if there is no peace in our life To eradicate the evils around us, we have to take the strongest and most precautionary measures.

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