The end.

The end of a day and a summer.

Evening mood by the sea, it's getting darker now and everything has an end, also this summer.
As time goes on, there is always a beginning and sadly also an end to many aspects of life. This summer is coming to an end, we just have to wait until next year for a new beginning.




A big thank you so much to my friends during three years at Steemit.


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Amazing pictures. It is sad that summer seems to be over already.

25.08.2020 16:36

Thank's so much @andyjaypowell for comment.

30.08.2020 15:33

Very magnificent sunset! The colors of the sunlight in the sky and on the water are very gorgeous. The scenery is wonderful and it looks peaceful. Great capture! ;)

25.08.2020 22:38

Thanks so much @tangmo for pleasant comment.

30.08.2020 15:34

My pleasure! ;)

30.08.2020 16:38

Autumn is soon upon us. September is my favourite month. Great late summer mood capture @karja

30.08.2020 12:47

Thanks mr @solbadans for pleasant comment.

30.08.2020 16:04

It's just like a dream ... so beautiful our mother nature is .Nice photography .

30.08.2020 14:20

Thank's @tista for nice comment

30.08.2020 16:04

Amazing pictures.

Thanks for the valuable posts on your page
I am grateful to be here in the community with you with love and respect No monopoly No racism No discrimination This is what we need Love, appreciation, respect and cooperation
I will be happy to join my page and support me permanently

02.09.2020 06:15

@karja. Hermosos atardeceres amigo

13.09.2020 17:47

Thank's @edgarlygonzalez for comment.

18.09.2020 12:36

Dear friend without knowing you I know that you are a great person for me an incomparable human being those landscapes that you have in your publications I am looking at it at this moment and I feel joy in my heart and soul thank you.

Querido amigo sin conocerte sé que eres una gran persona para mí un ser humano incomparable esos paisajes que tienes en tus publicaciones lo estoy mirando en este momento y siento alegría en mi corazón y en mi alma gracias.

19.09.2020 23:53

Thank you so much @albenis for pleasant commenting.

20.09.2020 09:10

The sunset light every day looks amazing, professional and experienced shooting, I am very happy with the sunset, hopefully more works will be a blessing.

11.11.2020 02:29

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I'm part of the Spanish-speaking community, and I create this user to grow and stimulate our community. But we need the support of users with more steem power. I wanted to ask you, if you somehow agree to support a voting trail or delegation. It doesn't have to be me. You can choose some other user of the Spanish speaking community. The idea is to support my community and the post with quality content to prevent users from leaving the platform.

There are curation projects in my community that work very well but they are not enough and I don't think that concentrating power is good either.

I understand if you don't agree and sorry for writing directly. But I didn't find another way. I hope you have a good day.

01.12.2020 23:33

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We would like to request you to consider if you are available to delegate and it would be a great help for us.

25.12.2020 06:33

Very wonderful view and your wonderful photography, make it beautiful as long as you shine. I hope you visit my page and be friends Greetings @karja

27.12.2020 13:20

Happy blessing happy new year ❤️warm greetings from me.
२०२१🇮🇳 2021👍
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31.12.2020 07:11

Simply stunning the colours are amazing

29.04.2021 19:54

Really Nice Shots. Keep up the good work.

14.05.2021 19:22