A shiny day.

Sunshine and nice weather.

The sun is back again and climbing higer and higher every day pasing by. There is a high mountain in direction south, closing for the sun midle of the day. We have to wait one month more before the sun shine the hole day. Pictures from my yard.





A sunny day in the north.


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Still beautiful winter pictures, nice to have such sunny days. Hope you are enjoying winter sun :)

14.03.2021 17:15

Thank's so much @stef1 for pleasant comment, looking forward for the spring and warmer days.

15.03.2021 15:08

Beautiful scenery of the mountain and the sea from your yard!

It's great to see the landscape covering with snow and the gorgeous sun over the mountain! I especially like the way you took photos of the sun behind the tree in 1st and 3rd pictures.

All trees are wonderful and the shadow is amazing. The white clouds in the 1st picture are also my favorite.

Great capture! ;)

16.03.2021 01:25

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16.03.2021 06:29