Folk Art Coloring Contest #22.. First Entry

Hello Everyone

Here has began Folkart Coloring Contest #22 so just come and join this if you have a great knowledge and great choice of colors.

This is my first entry with 3rd stencil..

I feel that black is that color which gives each color a new shine. Its becoz without the black background all color looks little dull but when you use a black background all color looks over bright in comparison to black color. That's why i always prefer black background..

Hope You All Like It..

Don't forget to tell me your views in the comments..

Give Your Precious

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Thnq So Much!

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Comments 4

A cool colour combination and shading :)

09.07.2019 08:05

Thnq for appreciation..😇

09.07.2019 10:43

Love the lines and the outcome.😊

09.07.2019 18:24

Thnq for comments and upvotes.😇

10.07.2019 02:28