When abroad travel doesn't seem an option...it is time for some in country investigation

The world seems locked at the moment. Well locked isn't maybe even the deal, but there are not a lot of countries where I would like to be at the moment. Within the next to weeks a lot of travel bans will be lifted. But I don't really see this as a good idea to be the first one to chase the borders, because I highly believe in a second European wave of Covid-19 in the autumn time. It is time for some home country travel time. Let us see what the options are!



In the North East of Holland there is a super cute town called Giethoorn which is also known as the Venice from Holland. Most of the travel around this town is done by boat and especially in summer time this should be beautiful. The downside from its popularity over the last couple of years is that it has been caught by the foreign tourists which means there are a lot of people going on a daytrip here, leaving the creeks more than crowded. With the absence of the bigger crowds it is time to check out this area. I would say let's wait until the sanitary options and cafes are open before going here, so it is still a nice day out, in stead of principally checking off this go-to box.



Even though I grew up with windmills in the vicinity, there is nothing cooler than seeing multiple windmills in a row in the middle of an open field with water. Same thing here as in Giethoorn. This place is now almost notorious for daytrippers driving up to here, making the Instagrammable picture and buzzing off again. To me it actually seems like a really nice area where I would enjoy walking through the fields with the water around it. So much more worth than just a snap, but it really needs a day

Hunebedden (the Dutch Dolmen)


This is still one of Hollands mysteries. The gigantic piles of stones in the providence of Drenthe have something creepy over them. Nobody really knows how they got here and what kind of purpose that they serve. It would seem more than proper to pay these multipe piles of rubble a visit with a day hike around it to just think about some stories of how all of these got here.

These are just some of the most famous Dutch outside nature options to visit when thinking about when is the best time to go there. I would absolutely say that the period now is the best option. Not too many tourists, and honestly the weather is feeling like a neverending summer.

### As you see there aren't any indoor options what I wrote about to visit. For me this seems like a no brainer because indoors is not the place you want to be still with this Covid-19 flying around. If there is any option of doing stuff, I would say do it outdoors to avoid contamination. At least, that will be my choice for 2020. Stafe safe!

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The house is the most beautiful at this time. Form the view of spring outside, its house inside is like heaven

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