Sending Steem to HIVE

And all of a sudden the brainwave was there. I NEEDED to send my Steem away to HIVE. I know this is late compared to most other people,but the girl has been busy and this wasn't a priority. Now with this fork from last week and peoples funds locked up this felt all wrong. It was time to make some moves. But n00b as I am....I had to look up the how and when. The normal exchanges that I would use ( and Binance) had already reclined the deposits of Steem.

### And even though my funds are just a fraction compared to most other people, it is still money and would suck if it would be lost in the process somewhere. So I asked around, and found some info. Now it time to share this with you!

A brief walkthrough!



Step 1:

Make sure you have liquid Steem. You didn't powerdown as yet? Make that happen as a first step! Do this in your wallet

Step 2

Do you have a steem-engine already? If not...that was a bummer. Here the latest coins on the Steem chain were always the best place to stash on the eco system. No worries, will take over this function, with the same way of working. Easy and user friendly and that is where you want your coins to end up.

Step 3

Make a deposit from Steem to your Steem-engine account by clicking this button.


You need to verify this with your key chain log in, and automatically liquid steem will be sent over from your normal account to your Steem-engine account. Steem-engine will take 1% service fee.

Step 4

Once the Steem has arrived in your account it will stand there as Steemp better known as Steem pegged. Now you want to exchange this to HIVEP better known as HIVE pegged.


Do this by going to the list of tokens and clicking on the HIVE token, and clicking on the '*token market*' icon which is behind the token name. This will bring you in the exchange where you can change your steem pegged to HIVE pegged for the price you like.

Step 5

Once you have you HIVE pegged for a price from the market which you like your next step will be to get this out of the steem-engine to the liquid HIVE in your account.


You get here in the list of your tokens (which you should currently have because you have just transferred Steem to HIVE) and click on the '*send*' button behind the token name.

Step 6

A pop up will come into your screen with the question where you want your tokens to.

send to.jpg

Always check if you have your stuff right and if you are sending the right tokens here. The receipient should be @steem-tokens. The amount should be however much you want to be sending to your HIVE account. And the memo is the most important one in this case. Here you put in HIVE and then your username without de @.

### So not HIVEP but HIVE. And not @karinxxl but karinxxl. Replace the username with your own ofcourse. Unless you like me and your want to send me tokens, that is also cool ;)

Step 7

Give it a couple minutes without panicing! As well the Steem as the HIVE chain are fast within seconds but the Steem engine needs some time transferring orders out of the system. Give it that time out stress.

### Always start with a small transaction to see if you are not doing anything wrong. Don't mind any fees. Just do it so you know how long it takes and if your doing it right. This will decrease the chance of fuck ups, because there always will be fuck ups.

Step 8

Enjoy your fresh HIVE in your account! Hopefully this will help y'all doing these kinds of things the easy way, because crypto on itself is hard enough!

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It is my great pleasure. This is how we can change our coin

31.05.2020 15:18

An Hive to Steem too?

31.05.2020 19:56